Current Issues

updated 06/25/2014
The regularly scheduled CourseDen server maintenance this Friday has been extended for the installation of additional storage. The new downtime will be from 10 pmFriday (June 27) until 10 am, Saturday (June 28). Therefore, your online courses may be unavailable until10 am Saturday morning, and you may need to alter any course deadlines that fall during this time period. If you need assistance with due date adjustments or other course options, please contact us at UWG|Online: 678-839-6248 or

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
UWG is closing today at 12:30 ET, due to inclement weather. But you can still do your work online! (Just be sure to take at least one fun study break! If you need technical assistance with CourseDen, call the 24/7 hotline @ 855-772-0423.

Current Issues (with workarounds)

See below for "Known Issues," i.e., we know about them but don't have a solution yet.

Update - August 2014

CoursEval, which maintains online student evaluations, had a recent update to its servers on August 8th. As part of these updates there is now a new, direct link to your account and CoursEval will accept your UWG ID username and password as your login credentials.

New login process
(Use this link to access your evaluation results or open surveys)

Username: Your UWG ID username (for example, jsmith)
Password: Your UWG ID password (12+ character passphrase)

If you have previously administered your end of semester course evaluations online and need help accessing or viewing those reports, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 678-839-6248 

Viewing Reports & Completing Assessments in CoursEval (Faculty) 7/29/2014 - Edited 8/12/14

Faculty received messages on 7/29/14 informing them their Summer 2014 course evaluation results are now available. Faculty are also encourage to complete their self-assessments and will need to view their reports in order to complete these. To view reports and complete assessments, faculty must be logged into CoursEval, the direct link is Passwords are different from their single-sign. The following tutorials will provide additional information: 

Dropbox Due Dates in Calendar

In courses with Dropboxes copied from other org units, editing and setting the Due Date may NOT cause it to appear in the Calendar as expected. Found that if you remove dates (Start, and End Availability and Due Date) and save without dates, then reset the Due Date, it seems to reset the dropbox and the new Due Date does show in the Calendar. (Originally reported by Georgia Gwinnett College 5/28/14 - first FDC call on 6/5/14)

Links: inaccessible after creation

Unless you add the Links tool to your navbar or the Link is actually linked within the Course Content, there is no way to get to that link.

Helix server upgraded: new log-in
The host name for the Helix server is now, and the username and password are now your UWG ID credentials.

Quiz: pasting content from Word
Copying content from Word into a Quiz causes Submit not to function.  As a workaround, paste the text into NotePad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).  This will strip out the Word bits that are causing the problem.  Then copy and paste from NotePad/TextEdit into the Quiz.

Students logging in via myUWG

Students logging in to CourseDen through myUWG are experiencing technical difficulties.  We will post an announcement on the front page and try to get the word out through various avenues.

In the mean time, please send a note to your students asking them to go directly to CourseDen:

Specify that they should not go to myUWG to access the system or they may not be able to use some of the tools or access some of the content.

Please also make sure that they have our UWG Online contact information: / 678-839-6248 and the 24/7 D2L helpline info / TOLL FREE 1-855-772-0423/ HEARING IMPAIRED 1-800-892-4315

Also, remember that the server goes down every other Friday night (10pm) until Sat at 7am.

ITS is working hard to try to resolve the myUWG/ CourseDen issue.

FYI: What's new in 10.2

In case you missed it before the upgrade, we do have a list of "what's new" in the various components of D2L.  You can find it at

CoursEval: Viewing reports

As you complete your self-assessments from the Fall 2013 Student Evaluation and need to view your report, you can find instructions at

You must be logged in to CoursEval to view your report:

Podcasting: Uploading files to the podcasting server (Mac OS 10.9 users only)

If you are using Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks), there are issues involving Java that will prevent you from uploading your podcasts to the server.  See here for the solution.

Podcasting: Links don't work
In the link to the podcast, insert an 's' after the 'http,' i.e., https://

Links: Not clickable in documents:  

This is a known issue in the 10.2 update.

If you have a document that has a clickable link to other content, it will currently not be clickable when students view the file in the new Content document viewer, i.e., within D2L.  The link is visible, but not clickable. 

If the user downloads the document, then links work as usual.  Another workaround is to put the link in the description of the content topic, with instructions to open the link(s) in other windows prior to opening the content topic. 

We do not have a timetable for when this will be fixed, but BOR technicians are working on it.

NOTE: We advise, as a best practice, spelling out the entire URL in the document with alternate instructions.

For YouTube videos, it seems the Quick Link with HTTPS and open in new window works better than Embed manually or Embed insert — when compared to alternate options, this one yielded the most success in problematic FireFox browsers, for example.

Remember that "opening in new tab" may create its own problems: When adding a link or embed code, best practice is set the link to "open in new tab" — however, this in itself has its own issues. Security might block the new tab, or it might open and user not even be aware it did or thinks it did not. So again, it's best for instructors to provide the direct link to all outside materials in instructions on syllabus or within a document.

Mixed content: not showing

There is currently an issue with mixed content not showing in CourseDen. Mixed content is content that is linked from an outside, unsecured website and placed into a secured site. This has been causing browsers to pop-up security warnings whenever a student tries to view content that is being brought in from the internet (wikispaces, YouTube, etc.) Depending on the browser, certain actions should be taken. Please click here to see how to navigate through each browser security warning [PDF](If you would like to include the PDF in your class, please download the file and upload it in your course. Linking the file will not show up in CourseDen)

The biggest issue is the latest version of Firefox 23.0.1. This version has different degrees of mixed content that it registers. This is causing Firefox to recognize mixed content, but does not provide a warning to the user. Instead, nothing is displayed and the student sees a blank screen. Until we can find a more elegant solution, please use another browser, preferably Chrome.

This is not a software issue with CourseDen or Mozilla Firefox, this is simply an incompatibility with the two programs and online security. UWG | Online has reported the issue to Mozilla and plan to have a resolution as soon as possible. If you are having any problems, please contact us at or 678-839-6248.

Known issues (We're still working on them)

Links: changing a link from Published to Draft makes it invisible
This is a matter of security settings and will not change.

myUWG not opening CourseDen in a new window
It is also blocking additional pop-ups.

CourseBuilder: not allowing Quicklinks to open in a new window
It seems to work in Content or Edit Course, but not in CourseBuilder.

Email/Pager: Students get "not authorized" message
When a student does not complete or submit a Quiz, and pager/email restrictions are turned on (screenshot), then students cannot use email or the pager until the Quiz is submitted. Solution is here.

Content not opening new window from the Content Browser widget
However, if you go to the actual table of contents page and launch, it will open in a new window (if that setting is 'on.')   This known issue is fixed in a scheduled update of D2L in March.

Email filtering
Faculty and students are having difficulty finding emails due to email filtering, depending on where they access email from.

Grader App
The Grader App will not work with our server until the Board of Regents fixes a deeplinking issue in February.