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We are so excited for a great year ahead with you all! :) 

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Thursday- Back to School Night! 

September 17th-21st

TeacherMonday Tuesday  WednesdayThursday Friday 
 Mrs. Giannasca Open notes quiz ThursGoogle classroom
Practice test due Wed-answers on piece of paper

Open notes quiz 
 Mrs. PeternellAccel:  1-7 Homework

Algebra 1A:  Finish Kuta Worksheets
Accel: Study for Test; Review notes, quiz, stations and look on google Classroom

Algebra 1A:
Class 1: Do 10 minutes on Special Solutions sheet and 5 minutes on Fraction sheet
Class 3 & 4: Finish 1st side of Special Solution sheet and do 2 more clearing fractions and 2 more clearing decimal problems
Accel: Chapter 1 Test

Algebra 1A: Online Text book 1.3
Accel: IXL: A.1- J.7

Algebra 1A:  Snowball Fight Work sheet
Accel: None

Algebra 1A: Possible Quiz on Monday!  There is a practice worksheet w/ Answers in the google classroom
 Mrs. Mills1.) Vocab Unit 2: 
*Choosing the right word 
*Quiz Friday 

2.) Submit your Snapshot Narrative on Google Classroom by Tuesday if you haven't already! 
1.) Vocab Unit 2: 
*Synonyms & antonyms and Vocab in context
*Quiz Friday 
1.) Vocab Unit 2: 
*Completing the sentence
*Quiz Friday 

1.) Vocab Unit 2: 
*Study for quiz tomorrow 
*See resources on Google Classroom

2.) Read and complete Notice & Note for ch. 1-2 in The Outsiders for Monday
 Enjoy your weekend! :) 

2.) Read and complete Notice & Note for ch. 1-2 in The Outsiders for Monday
 Mrs. LeoneNone 

-We will finish presentations tomorrow


Systems of Belief Quiz is on Friday

Systems of Belief Quiz on Friday

Study for Systems of Belief Quiz 

-Study pages 5, 7, and 8 in binder and play Quizlet games HERE 
Have a great weekend!