Stony Brook Theatre Arts is a co-curricular organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive theatre education while producing high quality middle school theatre. We are an inclusive program that produces confident and competent performers, designers, and technicians in an atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging. Stony Brook Theatre Arts  establishes an environment that allows students to grow as artists by focusing on the fundamental skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, knowing that these skills not only build great artists, but great people.

Welcome to the Stony Brook Theatre Arts Page! Parents and Students, please take the time to visit the Forms page and fill out the Student Information form for each student participating in SBTA this year. This will allow me to create email lists to keep everyone in the loop. Please fill it out each year your child participates in SBTA! Students should join our Google Classroom as well.

Andrea Watson:
Email is always the best way to reach me!

Fall Musical!

                  Auditions September 5-8th, 2017

Performances December 8th and 9th,  2017

Please fill out the SBTA Information form and all other forms on the Forms page if your child plans to be a part of the cast or crew. 

Spring Performances!

Our Festival piece is Lafayette No. 1 by Mandy Conner

Google Classroom Code: 7brkl1 

Westford In Tune Talent Show - April 6th

METG Middle School Festival - April 28th

Dinner Theatre Night - May 18th

Final Performance of Lafayette No. 1 -May 30th

Please fill out the SBTA Information form and all other forms on the Forms page if your child plans to be a part of the cast or crew.