What is One-to-World?
One-to-World is part of the Westford Public Schools Vision for Digital Learning. It is the program to bring more devices into our schools, starting with Westford Academy.

Each year 9th-grade students will be provided with a Chromebook to use for curriculum-related activities for four years. If a student decides to opt out of the program he or she may bring his or her own approved registered device to school: BYOD.

All 9th-grade students and parents need to prepare for and attend the One-to-World Launch on August 14 or 15, or 21,  22,  2017. You will find out how to do that on this website in 'What Do I Need To? ' and in the online One-to-World Orientation. 

With Chromebooks, Westford Public Schools provides relevant, 21st-century 
tools, that allow students to access information needed for learning anytime, anywhere. 

Chromebooks are a tool that, together with professional development, makes Westford Public School's Vision for Digital Learning attainable. 

The district's goal is to offer a blended learning environment where students experience a more individualized approach to learning, within the context of each course's learning goals.

In the blended learning environment, which puts students at the center of their learning, students experience higher levels of:
  •  engagement 
  •  personalized learning
  •  interaction with teachers
Westford Public Schools prides itself on providing technology that makes it easier for teachers to teach and for students to learn.

Still have unanswered questions after reading all the information on this website 
and completing the online  One-to-World Orientation? 
Please email us: One-to-World@westfordk12.us