Frequently Asked Questions



What device is being used in the 1:1 program?
The district has purchased the Acer C740 Chromebook device. The dimensions for this device are 0.8” height, 11.3” width, and 8” depth.  Click here to learn more about this Chromebook. 

What if a student forgets their device or forgets to charge their device?
Students are expected to bring their fully charged device to school every single day.  If a student does not bring the device, the teacher may direct the student to do an alternate assignment or complete the assignment in hard-copy format.  Students are responsible for transferring hard-copy assignments to their Chromebook so that they are working in the same format as their classmates.  If a student forgets to charge their device, there will be charging stations in the Library Media Centers so they can drop off the device for charging during the school day.

What if the device battery dies during school hours? 
If students charge the device fully before school each day as they are expected to do, the battery will last throughout the entire day.  Remember that the use of technology in the classroom will be determined by the instructor, not the student.  Students will not be using their devices in every class every day, or for the entire period in classes where they are asked to do so. For this reason, the number of hours a student has their device turned on will be less than the number of hours they are in school on a given day.   If the device battery dies during the school day, there will be charging stations in the Library Media Centers. More detailed information regarding this will be forth coming and available in the Media Center itself.

What about theft, accidental damage, and accidental loss? 
All students are provided with lockers and combination locks to prevent theft.  Students should not give their locker combinations out nor leave their devices unattended. Devices should not be left in lockers over nights and weekends.

The required $20 annual fee will cover all accidental damage that might occur to the device, please keep in mind that this coverage does not cover loss or theft.

Where do I get more information about the Protection Plan?
Click here for more information about the Protection Plan.  Please direct any additional questions to your child’s school.

Will students be provided with cases for the device?
Sleeves with handles will be provided by the district.  All Chromebooks must be kept in its case when the device is not in use.

What happens if my child’s device breaks?
Each school will have a small bank of loaner machines available to students in the event that this occurs.  A student should report all technical questions/problems to their his/her classroom teachers, who at an appropriate time will direct him/her to a technician within the school.

How do I learn how to use the device?
Check out the Chromebook Basics (Coming Soon) page to access resources and links to help you learn how to get started with your device.   On this page you can find the QuickStart guide that was handed out at Chromebook distribution, as well as links to Google’s Chromebook Support web pages.

How do I connect the device to a home network?
Here are device-specific instructions on connecting to a home network: Connecting a Chromebook to a network

How do I print from the Chromebook?
To print at home, your printer must be Cloud Print enabled.  Here are instructions on connecting your home printer to Google Cloud Print: Connecting a printer to Google Cloud Print

Printing at school will be available soon and specific information will be sent to all students.

What if I do not have internet access at home?
Students are still able to do some of their schoolwork without an internet connection by enabling offline docs, but many assignments and resources do require the internet.  If you are interested in obtaining affordable internet service at home, please check to see if you are eligible for Comcast's Internet Essentials program

If my child is using a school-issued device does that mean that the district will be monitoring their use at home?
No. When students are away from school, they will not be using the West Essex network.  Just as is the case now, students will have read the West Essex Acceptable Use of Technology Policy ( prior to receiving their computers and will be expected to use them responsibly.

Can I install parental controls?
When in district, the district’s computer network is filtered for inappropriate content.  There are 3rd party programs and services which exist that allow you to filter your internet at home.  Two example providers are Securly and OpenDNS, which use special DNS servers which provide some content filtering.  Parents should work with their internet service provider on setting up filtering at home.  

How will issues of unacceptable use be handled?
In the same way that they are now, infractions of the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy are considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and are handled accordingly on a case by case basis.

Most tech-related behavior violations are equivalent to “traditional” classroom violations: 
  • Leaving your device at home is equivalent to leaving your textbook or school supplies at home.
  • Cutting and pasting without citing sources or putting it into your own words is equivalent to plagiarism.
  • Cyber-bullying is equivalent to bullying or harassment.
  • Damaging or defacing the device or charger is equivalent to vandalism or property damage.
The discipline policies at each school encompass the 1:1 environment. Please reference the materials specific to each school or contact the school directly for more information.

Will faculty or staff have access to the webcam on the device?
No.  Faculty and staff will not have access to remotely control the webcam of the device.

How can I access my child's account?
All West Essex students have a Google Apps account that is accessed by using their West Essex username and password. We encourage all parents to know their child's account login information, so please obtain and record this information from your child.  

Please note that you do not need your child's Chromebook to access their Google account.  You can simply open a web browser on any device with internet access to access your child's email, calendars, and files:  

Are students allowed to install their own apps?
Students should be installing apps for school.  Any installed apps should be approved by a teacher or parent.

What should we do if the Chromebook has been stolen?
The family must report a stolen device to the police and then turn in the police report to the school. The Device tracking will then be activated and the device rendered unusable. The family will be charged the replacement costs if the device is not recovered.

What is the procedure to return the device if my student withdraws from school mid-year?
The student should bring the device and charger to the school's main office and they will issue a returned receipt.