Nursing (MSNE)

February 2013

By: Jennifer Hiramoto

Only one month until spring break!! This month was packed with weekly exams, consuming most of our time. 

Pictured are Steph, Janice, Abies, Krystal, Casee, and Kayla in front of the WesternU billboard on Garey St.

January 2013

Class of 2015

By: Tiffany Chan

2013 has been a crazy start of the year for MSN-E 2015!

We completed our last semester of the pre-licensure curriculum in December 2012 and began studying for the NCLEX, also known as the nursing licensing exam. By this month, most of us have already taken the boards (and passed, which makes us registered nurses!) and started the Master’s portion of our program. It has been a great transition period for all of us. Rather than attending lecture on campus, we are considered distance students. All our courses are on-line and we are expected to work full-time while in the remainder of the program. We will meet as a class on seminar weekends. Our first seminar weekend is coming up in 2 weeks along with our pinning ceremony, an event that signifies our transition as new nurses and post-licensure students.

Although this is an exciting time for us, it is daunting as well. Searching for jobs has been a difficult, on-going process. I hope we will all land our first jobs as registered nurses soon! 

Class of 2016

by: Jennifer Hiramoto

After spending the final six weeks of 2012 on vacation, returning to campus in January was well overdue. For our second semester, Cohort 9 has 14 weeks of three days in class and two days in the hospital. Courses include Medical Surgical Nursing, Mental Health, and Pharmacology. Getting back in school mode has been rough but it is great to know that after this semester, we will already be half way done with our curriculum to becoming registered nurses.

A special highlight this month was having the opportunity to meet potential members of CGN’s incoming MSNE cohort. It is hard to believe that just one year ago we were in their same shoes, interviewing and nervous. Now we get nervous for exams and other things in the program, but it was nice to be reminded how far we have already come.

Tara, Lisa, Sonya, Rosalyn, Jennifer, Grace and Diana at CGN, after meeting potential Cohort 10 candidates.