Physician Assistant (MSPA)

February 2013

Class of 2014

by: Janelle Colangelo

February has been filled with exam city! We have covered musculoskeletal, child abuse and are beginning neurology.  We were fortunate to have guest lecturers for our Adult Medicine Musculoskeletal Ortho lecture series- Heidi Turpen-Folks, PA-C and Dr. Fenison. As if studying X-rays weren’t tough on their own we also began our Genetics course and Applied Clinical Reasoning (ACR) course. In ACR, we are given a case and challenged to come up with full differentials, lab tests to run, and final diagnosis and treatment and why. This course prepares us for our rotations next year and being ready to being “pimped” by the supervising physician with “pop” questions. 

We also celebrated a few birthdays, venturing out to Piano Piano for a quick night on the town. Some of us also headed down to Newport Beach to take part in a dinner cruise to celebrate our class VP’s birthday. It was a wonderful experience spending time outside of the classroom with my fellow classmates and friends. I look forward to making many more!!!

The SGA has been busy planning the PA Awareness Day coming up on March 7th 9am-1pm. There will be a 50/50 raffle, baked goods, a blood drive and “Be the Match” bone marrow drive too. Please come out and support this wonderful cause and donate. On behalf of the MSPA 2014 SGA, we hope to see you all there!


MSPA 2014 Pic 1: Dental: A group of students at a local elementary school giving a community health education presentation on oral health and disease prevention.

Featuring: Janelle Colangelo, Ann Marie Hendricks, Marina Gonzalez, Niloo Rivani, Sarah Garrett

MSPA 2014 Pic 2: Taking a quick pose during our casting and splinting workshop.

Featuring: Jessica Danoush, Janelle Colangelo, Rebecca Rihani, Niloo Rivani, Darcy Dubinsky

January 2013

Class of 2014

by: Janelle Colangelo

Monday, January 7th, started off with us celebrating a few birthdays including Professor Roy Guizado, the chair of the PA department. Our month began and ended with exploring the gastrointestinal unit. Reading x-rays, conducting physical exams, and reading the “CMDT” we are learning to master another system that is sure to be a large focus in our future. As if last semester wasn’t busy enough, we have added two more classes into our study routine and now we will be even busier than ever. With the final genetics course on the horizon about to begin, the PA students will be in large force at the HEC studying away.

After a full semester of just hitting the books, I think we all have learned this semester, it is important to have mini-celebrations along the way and remind ourselves that we are all in this together. MSPA 2014, congratulations on one semester of didactic down. Only two more to go!!! 

MSPA 2014- Pic 1 Birthday

Celebrating our classmate’s birthday with some cupcakes and homemade cake. What a wonderful first day back excuse to have a little celebration.

This picture features: Jessica Tannous, Nina Harris, Niloo Rivani, Darcy Dubinsky, Keeley Terzian, Elri Duncan, Rebecca Rihani, Jessica Danoush, Sahar Azimatash, Doreen Yasharel. In the background: Laura Yee, Sandy Liu, Chardonnay Shinn, Lauren Kubeck, Ecstacy Peralta, Kristofer Abejuela, Kay Tran, Marina Nicole Gonzalez, Sarah Garrett, Anne Marie Marciano.