DPT 2014

May 2012

The month of April was a busy one for the DPT class of 2014, filled with group projects, assignments and final exams. The class was hard at work finishing their second semester of PT school and appreciating every moment. It was very exciting for them to partake in projects such as building a patient care plan from actual cases, debating clinically relevant research topics, and applying critical thinking to gait analysis. They finished all of their final exams and have been resting since.

Along with the intense workload, the class managed to find time to participate in other events. On March 24th the DPT department hosted the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge in Rancho Cucamonga to raise money for physical therapy research. Many of the students ran in the Warrior Dash in Irvine on March 31st. Money raised from the event went to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Students from the DPT department also ran in the Color Run in Costa Mesa on April 22nd in support of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County.

The DPT Class of 2014 is now preparing for their first two-week clinical rotation, which begins for some students Monday April 30th. They look forward to applying their newly developed clinical skills of goniometric measurements, manual muscle testing, gait analysis, and patient care in a clinical setting. This is a very exciting time for the class and they anticipate beginning their summer session in May after seeing physical therapy in a new light.

Photo #1: Color Run

From top left: Svenja Wassmann, Veronica Natividad, Sarah Smith, Anne Ellis, Jennifer Northcutt, Tamara Somers, Katie Swisher, Jennifer Pinto, Adriana Quezada, Parichehr Mohtashamifard

Photo #2: Class picture after Anatomy final exam!

From top left: Roy-Carlo Maclang, Chivan Ngo, Austin Hunter, Matthew Hwu, Michelle Bui, Jennifer Pinto, Meera Shah, Tamra Campbell, Julia Chui, Thant Thein, Katie Swisher, Rachel King, Edwin Leung, Heidi Stahlberg, Conway Yeo, Sharron Malek, Paul Yoon, SueMay Tam, Christie Bryant, Jason Friedman, Dr. Kevin Owyang, Jennifer Northcutt, Parichehr Mohtashamifard, Nicole Lehnhoff, Jack Zou, Chris Wong, Anne Ellis, Veronica Natividad, Adriana Quezada, Lesley Chu, Sherine Aubert, Megan May, Sara Wiese, Chris Justice, Lily Wu, Quoc Tran, Angela Cozzolino, Dr. Tony Mosconi, Joel Kim, Svenja Wassmann, Kelli Ming Shing, Kelsey Andersson, Kasey Yoshimura, Kirsten Whitt, Larissa Maichrowicz, Sarah Smith, Andrea Ferrebee, Tamara Somers, Sarah Mathew, Adriana Delgado

April 2012


By Mary Kathryn Swisher


The DPT Class of 2014 began the month of March by attending and participating in the Annual Interprofessional Health Fair on March 3rd. The DPT students focused on basic examinations such as a grip strength test, various balance tests, and the Thomas test for hip flexor tightness. Such exams aim to identify common public issues that may be easily addressed. Each student thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the Health Fair while gaining valuable hands-on experience with patients as well as making an impact on the community of Pomona.

The Class of 2014 and Physical Therapy Advocacy Club also had a wonderful time taking part in the WesternU Club Extravaganza Day on March 7th. The root beer floats and ice cream sundaes were a huge hit and nicely accented the list of amazing food choices the other clubs provided. The class greatly appreciates all contributions that were made by the WesternU Family to PTAC and are excited to see their club grow.

Saturday, March 24th, the DPT students will be hosting the 3rd Annual 5K Run/Walk for the Foundation for Physical Therapy’s Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge. The Pittsburg-Marquette Challenge raises funds to support the mission of the Foundation of Physical Therapy, which is “to fund physical therapy research supporting evidence-based practice that enhances the quality of patient and client services, and to develop the next generation of researchers.” The run/walk will begin at 9am at Red Hill Park in Rancho Cucamonga. 




           Two DPT students, Sarah Smith and Tamara Somers, conducting a series of balance tests at the Interprofessional Health Fair

March 2012

By: Mary Kathryn Swisher


This has been another busy and exciting month for the DPT 2014 class! Major events included participation in the Free Wheelchair Mission and the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in Chicago. 

The Free Wheelchair Mission is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Irvine, California. In support of this organization, the Physical Therapy Advocacy Club invited the Free Wheelchair Mission founder and President Don Schoendorfer to speak about the organization’s mission and vision “to provide the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries.” To date, individuals from 84 countries throughout South America, Africa, Europe and Asia have received wheelchairs from the Free Wheelchair Mission organization.

Dr. Schoendorfer utilized his PhD in engineering from MIT coupled with his commitment to serving others by designing a low cost functional wheelchair using every day materials, such as plastic lawn chairs for seating and mountain bike tires for wheels. The total cost for building, packaging, shipping, and delivering a wheelchair is $63.94. Dr. Schoendorfer’s presentation made an immense and motivating impact on our department and the WesternU DPT students look forward to continuing their relationship with the Free Wheelchair Mission on an on-going basis. Dr. Shoendorfer’s informative and inspirational presentation resulted in many WesternU DPT students participating in a 13.1 mile Surf City USA Marathon Run for Mobility on February 5th. either as runners or cheerleaders. Together the WesternU DPT students raised over $5000 and earned group recognition as the “Most Involved Team”.  WesternU DPT was presented this award by Ariel Rigney, Events Coordinator of Free Wheelchair Mission.

The APTA Combined Sections Meeting in Chicago is physical therapy’s largest national annual professional educational conference featuring eighteen different sections of the American Physical Therapy Association including Acute Care, Private Practice, Research, and others. Four students from the DPT Class of 2014 attended the conference and had the opportunity to enhance their education by attending continuing education courses regarding the latest techniques, technologies, and strategies, dialogued with practicing physical therapists all over the country, and engaged with students from programs nationwide at a meet-and-greet.  The students in attendance also reported that they were excited to find that that even as new DPT students, they were able to apply information currently being taught in their courses to the lectures they attended.

            March will also be busy month for the DPT students, filled with midterm exams, projects, and assignments.   We are approaching the middle of the semester and the DPT Class of 2014 is ready for the challenge and the ultimate reward… Spring Break. 




Runners after the Surf USA Marathon


From Left: Ariel Rigney, Parichehr Mohtashamifard, Veronica Natividad, Matt Harnpadoungsataya, Christa Wendt, Anne Ellis, Tamara Somers, Adriana Delgado, Omid Kajbaf, Adriana Quezada, Andrea Ferrebree, Sharon Malek, Michelle Bui


Students at Combined Sections Meeting.


From Left: Sharon Malek, Parichehr Mohtashamifard, Sara Wiese, Tamra Campbell



 February 2012


By: Mary Kathryn Swisher


Following their first semester of physical therapy school, the Department of Physical Therapy Education encouraged the students to advocate and promote the profession by attending a fundraising event for Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, California Senate District 32, and candidate for U.S. Congress. Senator McLeod has been a long time supporter of the physical therapy profession including participating in the fight against physician-owned physical therapy services. The DPTE and the California Physical Therapy Association were excited to support Senator McLeod in her campaign in hopes of further growth for physical therapists in California.

Along with this event, the month of January was a busy one as the DPT 2014 class began their second semester with another large class load. Courses including Medical Screening, Patient Care Skills, and Evidence Based Practice have already challenged them to think like physical therapists while they look forward to beginning their first two-week clinical at the end of the semester. Along with starting their new classes, the 2014 class still managed to find time for a few extracurricular activities.

            The second semester kicked off with a CPR training course through the American Heart Association BLS, which was arranged by the 2014 class President, Sherine Aubert,. The class had a wonderful instructor, Gayle Kersh, who taught them hands-on resuscitation and AED for adults, toddlers, and infants in order for them to be prepared when working with patients. Following the CPR course, on January 23rd, a few DPT students arranged a lunch with Dean Bowlin, Dr. Schilling, the department faculty, and the Class of 2014 students to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They celebrated the Year of the Dragon over a delicious Chinese lunch and mingled with professors, the Chair, and the Dean in gratitude for a wonderful year and another exciting one to come.

Last but not least, the class would like to thank the WesternU Community for supporting their bake sale fundraiser this past week for the Free Wheelchair Mission. This mission works to provide free mobility for impoverished individuals in other nations. A great number of physical therapy students will be raising money and running in the Free Wheelchair Mission’s Run for Mobility on February 5th to aid in their goal of $275,000 to provide 4,300 wheelchairs. Each student has been asked to raise $500 to participate in the run. For more information or to make a donation to the WesternU team, please visit: http://fwm.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=477888&team=4844993. The class looks forward to the next couple of months with exciting events and volunteer opportunities such as the Free Wheelchair Project Run, Combined Sections Meeting, and Warrior Dash.


Senator event picture:



“Fundraising event for Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod.”


(From top right): Lindsey Liggan, Anne Ellis, Randy Larson, Stacey May, Heidi Vander Woudc, Quoc Tran, Joe Estes, Chivan Ngo, Veronica Natavidad, Joel Kim, Sahar Vafadar, Lindsey Machado, Allison Fitzsimons, Erin Casselle, Kristen Lee, Kathy Reeves, Dr. James Syms, Dr. Sandy Stuckey, Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, Dr. Denise Schilling, Katie Swisher, Jennifer Northcutt, Tamra Campbell, Parichehr Mohtashamifad, Ashleigh Miller, Stephanie Brog, Raquel Ochoa


CPR picture:



“Students learning proper chest compressions.”


Kelli Ming Shing, Megan May, Anne Ellis, Jennifer Northcutt, Katie Swisher, Adriana Quezada, Angela Cozzolino, Quoc Tran, Sarah Smith, Andrea Ferrebee, Larissa Maichrowicz, Kelsey Andersson




January 2012


No news at this time


December 2012


By: Mary Kathryn Swisher


The DPT Class of 2014 is excited to be nearing the end and completion of their first semester of Physical Therapy school! After wrapping up National Physical Therapy Month, life is a little quieter with the loom of finals to come. The class is busy preparing and reviewing for the two-week stretch of finals following Thanksgiving break.  


In the passed month, the Physical Therapy department finished up the volleyball and basketball tournaments that began in October. The DPT class of 2012 swept the competitions winning in both volleyball and basketball. Congratulations to all of the students who participated! Students of the DPT program also took part in the Challenged Athletes Foundation Triathlon to sponsor a little boy, Joshua, who suffers from a number of congenital diseases as well as bilateral above the knee amputations. Overall, the athletes were able to raise $26,000 from the event and through outside fundraising for Joshua and his family.


This has been a wonderful semester to kick-start our careers and we would like to thank the entire Western U Community for your support through the process. Happy Holidays!




Picture #1: Sherine Aubert, Jack Zou, Roy-Carlo Maclang, Anne Ellis, SueMay Tam, Kasey Yoshimura, Matthew Hwu, Austin Hunter, Heidi Stahlberg, Lesley Chu, Conway Yeo, Michelle Bui, Sahar Vafadar, Jennifer Northcutt, Chivan Ngo, Tamra Campbell, Sarah Smith, Megan May, Adriana Delgado, Tamara Somers, Jason Friedman, Joel Kim, Lily Wu, Kirsten Whitt, Kelsey Andersson, Edwin Leung, Veronica Natividad, Svenja Wassmann, Adriana Quezada, Julia Chui, Katie Swisher, Sara Wiese, Thant Thein Larissa Maichrowicz, Jennifer Pinto, Sarah Mathew, Nicole Lehnhoff, Sharon Malek, Quoc Tran, Paul Yoon, Stephanie Brog, Erin Caselle, Lindsey Watt, Ashleigh Miller, Grant Hiryama, Dianna Schmitt, Tanvi Mehta, Terri Jemison, Ryan Napeek, Randy Larson, Brandon Kusakabe, Kelly Higgins, Lindsey Kuroda, Aaron Li, Kristin Lee, Jenifer Melinger, Steve Eaton, Alex Bottorff, Matt Harnpadoungsataya, Becca Lisonbee, Katie Francesconi, Raquel Ochoa, Theresa Mendoza, Kari Rufca, Nina Schmidt, Justine Ho, Ariel Forman, Andrea Lopez, Aaron Tucker, Sarah Guffrida, Leah Binder, Jen Sandoval, Brittany Wong, Mora Matta, Stacey May, Joe Estes, Melissa Friebertshauser, Suchri Janini




November 2011
By: Mary Kathryn Swisher
October is National Physical Therapy Month!  In celebration of Physical Therapy Month, the Department of Physical Therapy Education has been busy attending and hosting numerous events for students, faculty, staff, and the entire WesternU community. The activities started with all Western U DPT faculty and over 50 DPT students attending the annual California Physical Therapy Association conference in Long Beach, followed by an alumni reception that was attended by more than 150 past and present students.   Throughout the month Western University Physical Therapy Advocacy Club hosted 3 distinguished speakers: : Lilian Chen-Fortanasce, DPT, discussed her role as the physical therapist for the 2008 Olympics, James Syms, PT, DSc, ATC, SCS and President of the California Physical Therapy Association discussed PT law and professional advocacy ,and Norberto Lara, Sergeant First Class, US Army, a member of  the Wounded Warriors Project shared his inspirational story of his recovery and transition back to civilian life.   Finally, the month long celebration culminated with the Doctor of Physical Therapy students hosting volleyball and basketball tournaments and an annual barbecue, which included a bake sale.  All funds raised will be used by the Physical Therapy Advocacy Club to support DPT students in professional development activities.  . We would like to thank the entire Western University Campus for supporting our events – they have been a huge a success!