Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

February 2013

Class of 2016

By Angela Wang

Finally, IDIT is over! For a lot of us it was a very difficult class with all the information and drugs we have to memorize. However, now that we’re starting Blood and Lymph a bunch of us are feeling lost. There are so many things to look at all at the same time yet the material overlaps, but overall, confusion is probably the best descriptor. But overall we did pretty well as a class so that good news, so onward with systems!

Aside from classes, we were able to participate in another Happy Feet sponsored event in Santa Monica this month. In addition, we had our FIRST fundraiser, woo hoo! We were confused in the beginning on how to do it but we managed to pull it off AND we sold out in 20 minutes! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us. Please continue to support us in the future for more of our fundraising events!


Picture 1. SGA-DPM 2016 at our first fundraising event

Class 2015

By Midori Higashi

It’s amazing how we’re almost half way done with our second semester of second year. Time has really flown by here at WesternU. Very soon we will be completely done with our classes and onto board studying and rotations! It’s a very exciting yet busy time for DPM 2015.

In current events, the ACFAS Conference was held in Las Vegas. Students of DPM 2015 and 2014 went to represent WesternU. Dr. Harkless and Dr. Nouvong were also in attendance.

We also held a suture workshop sponsored by the ASPS. We had Dr. Brandon Gumbiner visit us from Chicago to speak on behalf of ASPS. We also had Dr. Safaoui, Dr. Shoefler, and Dr. Crisan assist with the suture workshop. 

Picture 1: Paula Nuguid and Muhaiminu Hossain present a poster on pregnancy related foot changes at the ACFAS conference in Las Vegas, NV. 

Picture 2: Lexx Shendrik and Maggie Marcinek get a helping hand from Dr. Gumbiner at the ASPS workshop. 

January 2013

Class of 2016

By Angela Wang

After a long deserved winter break it was quite difficult to get back into the groove of things. Our class realized this once we started IDIT and the test really caught us by surprise. The president of APMA, Dr. Caporusso, came to talk to us this month and a few of us were fortunate enough to have dinner with him and Dr. Harkless to discuss any questions or concerns we have. We also had elections for two of our podiatry clubs, ACFAS and SCPMSA, on campus this month and we will know who will be our new officers for these clubs next month!

We had an opportunity to get hand on experience at the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles this weekend. The screening event was sponsored by Happy Feet UCLA and it was a great success. We learned how to clip toe nails, callus debridement, and treat ingrown toenails. It was a great experience to interact with the patients and we were also able to see some deformities that we learned in class. We were also able to give them new socks and shoes along with educating them about circulation in their feet and taking care of their feet. We definitely look forward to coming back to this event and participating in many others.


Picture 1. Class of 2016 with Dr. Harkless and Dr. Caporusso

Picture 2. Class of 2016 with podiatrists Dr. Mejia and Dr. Singer from UCLA

Class of 2015

By Midori Higashi

We have been back now for about a month and the wheels have been rolling fast already! We have had our first reproductive exam and are now preparing for our final. We were very fortunate to be visited by current APMA President Dr.  Caporusso, and be given a talk on the Residency and Clerkship Process by Dr. Cabell Adams.

In other news, we have passed the torch on to the first years for our ACFAS and SCPMSA clubs. Elections were held this past week and we are very excited to see what DPM 2016 accomplishes this next year.


Picture 1: DPM 2015 at the Annual APMA Dinner with APMA President Dr. Joseph Caporusso

Picture 2: Aarron Flower, Sam Gracey, and Byron Peck-Collier at the APMA Dinner