Pharmacy (PharmD)

Class of 2016

by Ngan Nham

For our COP class of 2016, the month of February flew by pretty fast. However, our class did not plan any fun event due to the fact that we have been consistently bombarded with exams and quizzes almost every week. Not to mention, this week was our week of final exams. Many of us are happy to be done with finals and are trying to take advantage of the weekend to relax before the new block starts. Even though our class did not plan any particular event, we did participated in social event held by our school’s pharmacy club like APhA. Ashlee, our classmate and who is also the vice president of APhA, planned a Valentine’s Day auction event where we got to auction off prizes and quality lunch time with our professors. The event was a lot of fun and had a great turn out. Currently, the class officers are planning some class events for our class in March. As of now, stay tune for next month for more updates J  

Picture 1: This is the Valentine’s Day Auction Event that was held by one of our school’s pharmacy club, APhA. 

January 2013

Class of 2016

By: Weilin Kuo

Before the last day of school, our class officers prepared a gift bag filled with 

goodies including a notebook, calculator, pen, usb and badge reel for each student in our class.

It was our honor and pleasure to serve our class and we hope PharmD2014 can continue to thrive and represent WesternU well at various rotations!school, our class officers prepared a gift bag filled with goodies including a notebook, calculator, pen, usb and badge reel for each student in our class.

PharmD 2014 passed our final for the last comprehensive review block on 1/31/13. We officially completed the didactics portion of pharmacy school and will start our rotations in 2 weeks.

Class of 2015
by: Joon Hwang

For PharmD 2015, winter break was an opportunity for us all to finally relax and take a break from demanding curriculum. Although most of us had to work more during the break, there was still time for us to enjoy the break with family and friends (and not worry about studying!) The New Year brings a new year with the thought that we only have 1 more year of didactics before
we move on to rotations. That also means we will only have 1 more year together as a class before we migrate to our respective rotation sites. Therefore we expect to really maximize our time together not just by studying but using the time we have to hang out outside of school! Stay tuned..!
Class of 2016
by Ngan Nham

Since our P1s class started the New Year with new classes, January was an adjustment month for us. Our class did not plan too many activities this month as we wanted to utilize all of our time to focus on studying so we can start off the new semester strong. However, near the end of the month, many of us got together to enjoy some In-N-Out and spent time with each other with a Game Night event. It was a great stress relieving event and everyone had a good laugh from playing Pictionary and Telephone Charades.

                 As for the class officers, we decided to close down the P1 Dollar Store because we raised enough money for our end of the year banquet. The place and date for our banquet has been decided. The next step is to get the class involved in the planning process.

PharmD 2016 Picture 1: The P1 class playing Pictionary during our Game Night event.

PharmD 2016 Picture 2 :Some P1 class officers handing out In-N-Out to our classmates during Game Night.