Osteopathic Medicine (DO) - Northwest

February 2013
Class of 2015

By: Marie Chase

February was a month filled with birthdays, Valentines, and sweet treats.  On Valentine’s Day our very own Complement’s Club (a group of significant others who continually support our students) brought the students frosted heart-shaped cookies and other yummy and decadent desserts to celebrate.  Thanks for all the goodies!!

In our Essentials of Clinical Medicine (ECM) course this semester we have the chance to learn more procedures than ever before.  This month we learned how to suture!  We had several hours to learn about an array of sutures and needle types and to get some actual hands on experience using pig’s feet from the local butcher.   Some students with more experience, gained from other suture workshops along the way, helped their colleagues as they got the feel for the tissues and some of the different knots.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the unique learning experience.

We are one month closer to boards and moving on to rotations!  It’s a mixed back of excitement and fear- but we’ll get through it together! 

Wishing everyone a happy spring from COMP-Northwest.

Photo #1: OMS II Brad Geyer (left foreground) shows off his skilled sutures.  OMS II Lauren Geyer (left background) focuses on learning a new suture technique.  Left to right; OMSII Andrea Matson and OMSII Brittany Olson are also pictured.

January 2013

Class of 2015

By: Marie Chase

We, the DO-NW Class of 2015, now have our official rotation locations for our third year of medical school! 

January 2013 has been yet another exciting month in our journey toward becoming physicians because we now know where we will be spending much of our third year of medical school, and can begin planning for elective rotations as well.  Many DO-NW 2015 students will be doing their rotations locally with the Corvallis-Albany-Lebanon-Newport-Lincoln City track, but the rest of us will be spreading out to locations on the Oregon Coast, Portland, Southern Oregon, Northern California, and Washington.  Even though we will be branching out all over the Northwest come June, we will be back to campus periodically for didactic weeks full of testing sessions.  Completing classes like Reproduction, Gastrointestinal (GI), Pediatrics and Geriatrics are the next big hurdles, as well as our Step 1 boards, but we’re so much closer to finally seeing patients!  The future is bright.

Picture #1: COMP-Northwest in Lebanon, Oregon on a beautiful 2012 summer day.

Class 2016

by: Alanna Hannegraf

February has been full of love and sugar for the DO 2016 students of COMP-NW.

During the week of Valentine’s day, Global Health Club teamed up with the SGA and sold valentines as a fundraiser for Heart to Heart International. Heart to Heart is currently helping victims of superstorm Sandy, including many fellow medical students on the east coast. The students of COMP-NW were very generous and raised hundreds of dollars for the cause. OMSI Tyler Andrea and OMSI Jason Sharp filled the school with laughter as they passed out the valentines dressed as cupid in full regalia including diapers, wings, and of course glitter.


Later in the month we had another installment of our recurrent talent show we call “The Expression Session” coupled with a bake off that turned out to be a very popular event. The expression session featured over a dozen acts from students to faculty proving our talents extend far beyond academia. The bake off portion consisted of 3 categories, sweet, savory, and gluten-free. The winner of each category was awarded a chef’s hat embroidered with “COMP-NW Bake-off  Champion 2013.”  OMSII James Rood won both the savory and gluten-free categories, but try as he might, he was not able to snag to the sweet title from OMSI Alanna Hannegraf (author).

Photo 1 Caption: OMSI Tyler Andrea and Dr. Pham, and OMSI Jason Sharp passing out valentines in cupid costumes

Photo 2 Caption: OMSI Alanna Hannegraf with winning brown butter vanilla cake

Class of 2016

by: Alanna Hannegraf

The COMP-NW DO class of 2016 entered January after having a much needed break and hit the ground running with Introduction to Disease, Immunity, and Therapeutics. Despite the high demands of this class, students in our class made time to work with Local 6th and 7th graders for Saturday Academy. This program is coordinated through the Lebanon Health Career Ladder, and the goal is to increase college enrollment by exposing underserved children to science in 

fun and innovative ways. DO students from COMP-NW participate along with Pharmacy and Veterinary students from Oregon State University to present topics. The Saturday Academy occurs once a month, is free, and each session has a theme. Additionally, parents of the elementary students are involved in breakout sessions with seminars such as paying for higher education. The day ends with a free, healthy lunch for all involved.

This is just one of the many projects that 2016 DO students are currently involved in.

 Photo Caption: Photo Credit: Luke Rauch. Pictured here, Kaylinn Dokken OMSI showing elementary students how to make a sling with Zach Kamla OMSI.