Dental Medicine (DMD)

February 2013

Class of 2013

by: Esther Rhee

Screening, Mock WREB, Screening

This month of February was dedicated to preparing the DMD class of 2013 for the Western Regional Examination Board that is set for March 2013.  With the help of Dr. Fung, Dr. Chan, and faculty, students have been getting ready to find patients for the clinical portion of the BIG licensure exam. We have held two days of screenings open to the public to find patients on two Saturdays. Thanks to all of those who have helped prepare for the day and who worked hard to see all patients. We held three days of Mock WREB, which had us sweating and shaking, but in the end, we survived.

In the midst of a busy month preparing for D-Day, students also had the opportunity to participate in the annual Give Kids a Smile Day on February 16th. Many children were screened, given oral hygiene instructions, prophylaxis, and sealants, and left Western University Dental Center with happy smiles.

Next month, is the Grand Finale to months and months of preparing for the WREB examination. I wish everyone well wishes and good luck!

January 2013
Class of 2013
by: Esther Rhee

Happy New Year! We are five months away from graduating!

This month has been full of congratulatory news. First, congratulations to Brielle Renz, our first pregnant classmate, to have given birth to her daughter, Lily Claire! January 28th was an important day for all applicants to specialty programs and residencies. Students have been waiting for Match Day since interviews began back in October 2012. Congratulations to all students who matched into their respective programs!

February will be a month full of preparing for the WREBS including Mock WREBS. Continue to spread the word to everyone! First day of complementary screening will be held February 2nd, 7am-12pm. Second day will be held February 22nd, 7am-12pm. See you all there!

Class of 2014

By: Andrea Yaley

Nothing to Report

Class of 2016

By: Andrew Edmonds

            The month of February was a busy time for the DMD class of 2016. We completed the class II competency for amalgam restorations and preparations, finished IDIT, started Blood and Lymphatics, and had our first sim class working on composite restorations.

            We are also getting close to election time for new class officers, so make sure to vote on blackboard. 

Class of 2015
by: Jacquelyn Kasper

Only one month of the semester has gone by so far, but it feels as if we have learned so much already! We have completed one of our final human systems courses, the Reproductive system. Many in the class of 2015 have begun preparing for the NBDE Part 1 exam and quite a few students plan to take it by the end of March. In addition to system course preparation and NBDE Part 1 preparation, we have been busy in the Simulation Clinic learning how to make dentures for our soon to be patients and practicing root canals. The DMD Class of 2015 held a successful In N Out fundraiser this month, raising more than $130 for our class funds!

 Picture 1: Our Class President Omar Ashraf and our Class Treasurer Charlie Stoianovici brining in the big bucks at our class In N Out Fundraiser. 

Class of 2016

by: Andrew Edmonds

             We made it through the first semester! It is amazing how much we learned in such a short time. The knowledge we have gained has given us the basic knowledge of our future career as a dental professional. The DMD class of 2016 has now mastered class I preparations and amalgam restorations. Now the students are working on perfecting class II preparations and amalgam restorations. It has proven to be a challenge, but nothing the wonderful D1 students can’t handle! In the classroom we are working hard to get through IDIT. 

            Our dental school journey seems to be going by quickly and we are learning more information than seemed possible in the beginning. The DMD class of 2016 is still working on a good fundraising idea, so be watching for an update!