Club Information

What is Theriogenology?
According to Dorland's Medical Dictionary (25th Edition), theriogenology is that branch of veterinary medicine which deals with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, and semenology.

 What is the Significance of the Society Logo? 

The new Therio symbol adopted in 2006 has a long and well known history of being widely used as a symbol for love, marriage, springtime, youth, fertility, longevity and sexual happiness; it’s fertility symbolism is linked with the seeds in the womb-shaped core. Greek, Celtic and Nordic mythology all describe it as the miraculous sustaining fruit of the gods.


It does not refer to any specific animal species and stands for all equally, while displaying a contemporary, leading edge sophistication.


The overall logo clearly defines that the members of the Society for Theriogenology are “Veterinarians Dedicated to Animal Reproduction.”

Society Objectives
- Establish and promote standards of excellence

- Provide a variety of forums to disseminate emerging information to veterinarians and students

- Serve as a global resource for scientific exchange

- Foster client education and awareness

- Encourage a network for collegial exchange