WesternU ASHP/CSHP Chapter

Why Join the WesternU Chapter of ASHP/CSHP?

Looking for a career in clinical pharmacy? What is a residency? Want to work in a hospital? These are some of the questions that may come into mind as a student pharmacist in the making. If you answered "yes" or even pondered about the aforementioned questions, then join the ASHP/CSHP Organization of WesternU!!!

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacy (ASHP) in conjunction with our chapter here in California, known as the California Society of Health-System Pharmacy (CSHP), gives you opportunities to dive more in depth within health-system pharmacy.

The purpose of ASHP/CSHP here at Western University of Health Sciences is to provide students an opportunity to become knowledgeable about pharmacy practices in organized healthcare settings.

As a Health-System Pharmacy Organization in California, CSHP is a professional society of pharmacists and associates who serve patients and the public by promoting wellness and the best use of medications. The mission of CSHP is to:
  • Serve as an organization through which the membership pursues its                 common professional goals, such as serving the community.     
  • Provide leadership for the profession and support for its members.
  • Represent its members before private and public agencies and health care professional organizations.

What is Health-System Pharmacy?

For those who enter the health profession, would you think that the pharmacist is usually seen as just the "dispenser" of medications? The role of pharmacy in the health field is just not that.. As medication experts, we aim to provide the best therapy for everyone. As health-system pharmacists, we intend to optimize and collaborate with other health professionals for the benefit of the patient. Health-System Pharmacy is not only seen as clinical or hospital careers, but as a conjunction with other systems of pharmacy to provide ultimate care to our primary concern: the patient.