Welcome to WESS!  We are very excited to work together to promote a positive and rigorous study of mathematics at WESS. Together, we will work to develop young mathematicians that show forth our core values of Wonder, Creativity, Compassion, and Resilience.  Our classes will approach mathematics through inquiry based, interdisciplinary learning, allowing students to make connections to each other and the outside world; for, we can all experience the joys and wonders of doing mathematics.

About Katie:  


Growing up in Maine, Katie was a creative, hard-working middle school student. After struggling through her 8th grade math class, she concluded that she was simply “not a math person”. Luckily, a new rigorous high school environment and a truly inspiring math teacher helped to change her perspective on the subject. Equipped with a newfound love for math and a growth mindset, she studied pure mathematics at the University of Southern Maine. As she shared her passion for math through tutoring, she realized that teaching was her calling.  Katie came to New York City through a fellowship with Math for America and completed her MA in Secondary Math Education at City College. She loves solving puzzles and problems that stretch her mind.  She is eager to expose her students to the art and practicality of mathematics.  Outside of the classroom, Katie really enjoys being outdoors - hiking, biking, or walking – no matter the season – as well as cooking and volunteering.

Katie Jones:  katie@westendsecondary.com

About Keri:

Keri is a native New Yorker and proud mother of two amazing boys.  She has embraced the diversity and culture that New York City has to offer.  She attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst as well as Hunter College, where she received her Master's Degree in Math and Science. She has been blessed to have been given the opportunity to work in various settings across the five boroughs, from teaching science in a middle school in the South Bronx to teaching Gifted and Talented students in an elementary school in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  Her greatest teaching challenge came as a founding teacher of Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School on Staten Island.  As a team member of MAELS, she performed many different roles. It was here that she received one of her most rewarding teaching achievements: being honored by one of her students and selected as Barnes and Noble's "My Favorite Teacher". This moment, among many others, is what drives Keri to continue striving to be the best teacher that she can be, touching the lives of all of her students. She embraces the opportunity to be a founding teacher at WESS and looks forward to guiding WESS students to reach their highest potential.

Keri Gaft:  keri@westendsecondary.com