About Title
  • The Title I program at Westby Elementary school provides extra support in the areas of math and reading to eligible students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Title I is not a replacement for Reading or Math instruction, but rather an additional opportunity to practice these important life long skills. 
  • Students enrolled in Title I work with Title I staff in small group settings completing researched-based intervention programs to boost skills.
  • Title I staff regularly meets with classroom teachers to compare observations and testing data.
  • Title I meets a minimum of three days per week for students in a “tier two intervention” and five days per week for students in “tier three intervention.” Title I staff works with classroom staff to schedule the best times for this extra assistance.
  • Our goal is to bring your child to grade level skills through the shortest path possible. Academic programs typically have twelve week windows. However, this time may be shortened or lengthened depending on progress.

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