Dunnum Summer Band Lesson Schedule 2017

Dunnum Summer Band Lessons


Mr. Dunnum will offer lessons to incoming 7th grade students (current 6th grade) and to High School Students (incoming Concert Band)  Note the dates below as Friday lessons have 1 Wednesday.   Lessons will meet a total of 2 or 4 times.  Tuesday lessons will only meet twice.

Lessons Will Be In The High School Band Room

Monday & Thursday Lessons (June 19, 22, 26 & 29) 4x total

7:00am Sydney Sherry

7:30am Aubrey Jothen

8:00am   Grade 7 Flute

8:30am    Emma Solverson

9:00am   Grade 7 Clarinets

9:30am    Grade 7 Saxophones

10:00am Roman Hebel, Jack Call

10:30am Bradley Vielhuber, Alex Helgeson

11:00am Denali Huebner, Bethany Roethel

11:30am Evan Phillips/Ryla Vatland

12:00 Summer Drumline June 26-30, August 14-17

Fridays + 1 Wednesday Lessons  (June 16, 21, 23, 30) 4x total

7:00am Mike Roberts

7:30am Kade Sherry

8:00am   Grade 7 Trumpets

8:30am    Grade 7 Horns

9:00am   Grade 7 Trombones

9:30am    Grade 7 Baritones and Tubas

10:00am Grade 7 Percussion

10:30am Montana Lindahl, Makayla Manke, Arissa Grant.

11:00am Madysan Jensen

11:30am Ronnie Inglett, Colby Wyman and BK

12:00 Summer Drumline June 26-30, August 14-17

Tuesday Lessons  (June 20 and 27)  2x total

7:00am Bo Milutinovich

7:30am Ben Ostrem

8:00am Kari Ofte and Sylvia Thompson

8:30am Maddie Komay and Olivia Nedland

9:00am Ryla Vatland

9:30am Melanie Wallace and Grace Fremstad

10:00am Sylvia Thompson and Emily Collins

10:30am Kenzie Stellner, Jayda Berg, Hanna Nelson

11:00am Matt Hall

11:30am Amaya Keenlance and Daisha Pedretti

12:00 Summer Drumline June 26-30, August 14-17


Contact Me if you still want an additional lesson:  Whitney Hanson, Melanie Wallace;  Emily Collins:  Blake Hatlan