Welcome to Reality Daze!  

Reality Daze

If you are new to our event, Reality Daze is an opportunity for over 400 local juniors and seniors from Westby, Viroqua, North Crawford, LaFarge, Kickapoo, DeSoto, Hillsboro, Brookwood and Cashton to participate in an interactive financial program designed to introduce money management skills to students.  Students that attend the event are given a real-life scenario to set the stage for their participation, based off of their personal career choices.  

Throughout the event, students will connect with community business leaders and volunteers as they learn about and exercise real-life budgeting skills.  Roughly 75-80 local business volunteers help to make this process more authentic by working with students at various booths to provide both purchasing information and financial counseling directly to the students. At the conclusion of the event, students take the opportunity to sit through an exit interview where they reflect on their complete experience and forecast the questions they have about their own futures.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Westby Area Fieldhouse