Our mission:

Incorporated in 1991, the purpose of the 501c3 non-profit WAIC (Westbury Area Improvement Corporation) is to improve 
the quality of life for residents of the Westbury area of Houston, Texas.

Join Us:

The WAIC meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 8:30 AM in the Fellowship Building Conference Room at Salem Evangelical 
Lutheran Church at 4930 W Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77035. Meetings are public. 

The WAIC and the Westbury Civic Club jointly make up the Westbury37 SuperNeighborhood, as defined by the City of Houston.
The WAIC board has representatives from local schools, non-profit institutions, businesses, local organizations, plus residents 
who live within the boundaries of the Westbury SuperNeighborhood.


2010:  A national First Place Award  from Keep America Beautiful -  for the Westbury Community Garden Project - a joint project of the Westbury Civic Club, WAIC, and the Westbury SuperNeighborhood.

2012:  Community Stars Award from Houston Crackdown - for youth projects at the Westbury Community Garden - jointly presented to the Westbury Civic Club and the WAIC.

2013:  Keep Houston Beautiful Award for "Keeping Westbury Beautiful" - a joint project of the Westbury Civic Club, the WAIC, and the Westbury SuperNeighborhood.

2014:  Keep Houston Beautiful Award of Recognition to Marcia Hartman - leader of the Westbury Community Garden project of the WAIC.

Contact Us:

The physical location and  mailing address is:
Westbury Area Improvement Corporation (WAIC)
c/o Westbury Civic Club
5322 W Bellfort, Suite # 107
Houston, TX 77035

The Westbury Civic Club phone number is 713-723-5437.

Our facebook page is WAIC Houston

The Westbury SuperNeighborhood, SN # 37

City of Houston -  Land Use Map for Westbury   

City of Houston -  Demographics for Westbury