Welcome to Student Health Services of the Westbrook School Department.  We have five dedicated nurses available to address your student's health care needs while at school.  For questions specific to your student please contact the nurse at your student's school directly.

You may email each nurse by clicking on their name, or for urgent matters you may call the school.  

Nurse, Saccarappa School
Westbrook District Nurse Supervisor
Maine Certified School Nurse
207-854-0847 ~ phone
207-854-0849 ~ fax

Nurse, Congin School
207-854-0844 ~ phone
207-854-0846 ~ fax

Nurse, Westbrook High School
207-854-0810 ~ phone
207-854-0812 ~ fax

Nurse, Westbrook Middle School
207-854-0830 ~ phone
207-854-0858 ~ fax

Nurse, Oxford-Cumberland Canal School
207-854-0840 ~ phone
207-854-0855 ~ fax