Social Studies Progress Reports

posted Mar 8, 2012, 11:15 AM by
The 3rd Quarter Progress Reports are weighted heavily by the Chapter 2 test grade at this point in the quarter.  That is great for those who did well on it but not so good for those who did poorly.  Students who did poorly on the test, but have have all other assignments completed may be confused as to why their overall grade may be poor.  The one test grade is 40% of the overall quarter grade, so it weighs very heavily.  Fear not, though, the lowest grade test grade I recorded was a 50.  By doing this, all students who did poorly on the test still will still have an opportunity to pass the class.  There will be plenty more grades to be entered this quarter; but, ultimately,  it is the student's responsibility to work hard, be appropriate in their groups and take care of their business for the rest of the quarter.  I really wanted to put this information out there, so there won't be any misconceptions going forward.

Secondly, we have begun our Ancient Civilizations Projects.  The project is fairly involved and students are doing a nice job with their initial research.  The project will culminate with a 10-15 minute slide show presentation and a reinforcement lesson taught by each group.  There will be many grades that go along with this project.  In fact, there will be at least 7 grades (2 test grades, 4 quiz grades, and a classwork grade) associated with this project.  Some grades will be individual, and some will be group grades.  By Tuesday, students will have 2 more quiz grades- one will be graded according to a rubric based on their individual efforts during the research segment and one will be based on their group's research notes packet.

I hope this information is helpful.  Please contact me if you have any questions.