Westbrook Art Department

Our Philosophy...

Our belief is that quality instruction in the Visual Arts should be provided by Arts specialists and supported by classroom teachers, school leaders, and partnerships with Arts organizations and community programs. This partnered instruction serves to enhance Visual Art education as a vital and basic component in the development of all human beings. All visual art students at WSD are provided a non-critical learning environment; a learning environment that values cultural and social differences, recognizes divergent learning styles, and encourages deep thinking and better cognition. 


Through an education in the Visual Arts WSD students are able to learn about themselves and the world around them. Visual Arts education at WSD is much more than making things. It enables students to develop and creatively express their ideas, solve problems, and make meaning. The WSD K-12 Learning Standards define visual arts education as sequential development in these five areas: Disciplinary Literacy; Creation, Performance, and Expression; Creative Problem Solving; Aesthetics and Criticism; Connections.


It is our belief that an education in the Visual Arts allows students to develop and use creative potential; to see the value of their own ideas; and to think divergently-- searching beyond the boundaries of what is known. While the Visual Arts have their own intrinsic value, they also share many attributes with other content areas. As a department we strive to integrate those connections as the foundation of our instruction. Meanwhile, the language of Visual Arts is an avenue of expression not addressed or taught in other areas of the curriculum, it is a basic and unique part of education and provides experience and knowledge not found in any other area of the curriculum.

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