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You don't have to be a genius or an athlete to qualify for a scholarship.  Awards can be based on hobbies, organization memberships, career goals, where you live, ethnicity, personal qualities, and financial need.  Just don't pay to apply for scholarships!
Click on Local Scholarships or on the month to find deadlines for area, state, and local scholarships that you may be eligible for!


How to type on a PDF Application:  
  • Save scholarship application on desktop
  • Make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has benn updated or
  • Follow the installation steps
  • Open your application with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Click on "TOOLS" on the upper right side of screen, then "Fill & Sign"You can type on application, save as, or print.      

Formatting your scholarship essays: 
 Try to use 10 or 12 point font 
Center it on the space provided.
Double or 1.5 spacing if you have room. Unless it says not to sign your name, sign it and date it.

How to save your SAR

  • Internet Explorer works best
  • Allow for "pop ups"
  • Select print options, select PDF printer
  • Print to PDF Printer
  • Save file

To make YOUR Application stand out....

Apply only if you meet all the criteria
Start early and save a copy of everything 
(You will probably be able to reuse the info for another app later.)
Write the deadlines down on a calendar and check often.
Make a list of all the things needed to send along with the app.
Be concise, but complete.  Don't send more than what is asked for.
Remember neatness, spelling, organization, and grammar counts.
Have others edit your work.
.....And did I remember to say, "Start Early."