Grade 5 Supply List

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Grade 5 School Supply List

When you join us for the first day of school, please come prepared with the following materials:

    • Two (2) 1-inch binders with pockets on the inside covers
    • One (1) marble composition notebook
    • Three (3) single subject spiral notebooks, wide-ruled - different colors
    • Four (4) heavy duty 2 pocket plastic folders in separate colors - with prongs
    • One (1) heavy duty 2 pocket folder with 3-holes punched
    • 24 pack of #2 pencils – please pre-sharpen at home
    • One soft-tipped iPad stylus (CANNOT be hard plastic tip)
    • 12 pack of assorted colored pencils
    • One package 3 hole punched loose leaf paper
    • Two (4 pack) of Expo Dry Erase Markers
    • One package (10 - 12) of pens – not black
    • Two black Sharpie Brand pens
    • Two packs (3 count) of 3x3 Post-it Notes - not accordion/pop-up style
    • One four (4) pack of glue sticks
    • Two different color highlighters
    • One package of pencil top erasers
    • One container of disinfectant wipes (Lysol or Clorox)
    • Two (2) boxes of tissues for classroom use
    • One hand held pencil sharpener - with shaving collector.
    • Headphones or earbuds (with name)
    • One zip style Pencil case
    • Reusable water bottle

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support! Although this list represents the general supplies that your child will need for 5th grade, we may request additional items as the year progresses. We look forward to meeting you and to a successful 5th grade! Following the Responsive Classroom philosophy, some of the items on this list are collected and distributed communally. These items include pencils, pens, etc.