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Music (periods 3 & 6) L, T, C2 (all 10 patterns) - Please listen to 2 songs a day that you like. Make sure to remember to Tap your foot to the beat, and Clap and Count the different patterns.  
Science Finish questions 1-3 from the Hot Spots activity we started in class. If you did not complete the Scratch project in class then you will need to work on your Scratch project. Be sure to click the share button and copy the url and put the url on the google form that is in google classroom (we went over this in class). See me after school or period 7 if you need help. The project link needs to be shared by Friday so we can view the projects in class. January 18, 2018 
Social Studies None January 19, 2018 
English Read page 41-52 in The Green Glass Sea; work on interests list and continue to update your vocabulary list (due 1/25) January 19, 2018 
Math Per 4&5 Finish Lessons 18, 19 & 20. (only 4 problems each lesson). Use model if available. If not available write steps on paper. Instructions/notes are in google classroom (for reference) January 22, 2018 
Math 1&2 Complete the handout writing equivalent expressions AND evaluating to see if these expressions are equivalent. Table 2 MUST have two expressions that are being evaluated. January 22, 2018 
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