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Music (periods 3 & 6) L, T, C2 (all 10 patterns) - Please listen to 2 songs a day that you like. Make sure to remember to Tap your foot to the beat, and Clap and Count the different patterns.  
Math Per 4&5 Work on take home quiz portion (handout and buzz math) for Friday May 25, 2018 
Math 1&2 Practice for quiz tomorrow May 25, 2018 
Social Studies None May 29, 2018 
Science Answer questions 1-5 from the Virtual Population Biology Lab. If you were absent you can still work on the lab at home. The document is on google classroom with the virtual lab link. May 29, 2018 
English Study for your Giver/Vocabulary Test May 31, 2018 
English Work on the rough draft of your persuasive piece June 4, 2018 
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