The West Bee curriculum focuses on physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills.  These themes are covered in a variety of innovative and fun ways. We use an emergent curriculum based on the children's and teacher's interests. We use the Vermont Early Learning Standards and Teaching  Strategies GOLD Learning Objectives in all of our planning. Our underlying themes are as followed:
1. Body Health, Nutrition and Hygiene
2. Movement; fine and gross motor
3. Body awareness
4. Eye /hand coordination
5. Spatial awareness and visual discrimination
6. Self Control
1. Feelings
2. Expression of Feelings
3. Self Esteem
4. Self Concept-Who am I in the world?
5. Self Control
6. Effective Expression
7. Same and Different
1.    Sharing                                  
2.    Group participation
3.    Resolution of conflicts
4.    Problem Solving
5.    Cooperation
6.    Turn taking
Intellectual (As developmentally appropriate):
1.    Naming basic colors
2.    Naming basic shapes
3.    Recognition of basic colors
4.    Recognition of basic shapes
5.    Number concepts 1-10
6.    Communication skills
7.    Recognizing written name
8.    Writing of name
9.    Letters and letter recognition