Cooperative Responsibilities

Parental involvement is not only a philosophical value at West Bee but is also crucial to the program’s financial stability and overall functioning.  West Bee maintains an affordable tuition through its cooperative nature. It is imperative that all parents fulfill their commitments.  These commitments are calculated into the school budget and operations. Each cooperative responsibility is outlined below. There is a financial buy-out option for each responsibility to accommodate families who are not able to consistently donate their time, but wish to join the West Bee community.  Cooperative responsibilities are broken into four categories.

1. Family Jobs
Each family is expected to work in a service to the school. Parents are given a rotating schedule to indicate which job they are responsible for.. The director will do her best to accommodate requests and assign jobs that will work for each family's schedule.  No child shall be excluded from the program because a family is unable to meet this requirement. West Bee is willing to review parent suggestions for cooperative jobs. If you have an idea or a special talent that you can offer West Bee please speak with the Director.

 Failure to fulfill a job will result in the buy-out option being added to your family tuition bill. This money will be put towards our operating budget to cover what was spent to do what your family was unable to do. 

Family Jobs 
Board of Directors - parents hold the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Fundraising Chair
Play Dough Maker - responsible for supplying fresh play dough for the school as needed
Cooking Coordinator -  coordinate a cooking project at West Bee, yummy smoothies, banana 
Science Coordinator - coordinate a science project to do with the children
Playground Helper- rake pea-stone to maintain safety fall zone depth, shovel path in snow
Other - please make a suggestion if you have a special skill to share with our community
2. Snack Duty
Each family is expected to provide snack one time each month.  Families with two children in the program will provide snack once for each child.  All snacks should be healthy and “ low in sugar”. It is your responsibility to record your contribution on the snack log as you deliver it.
Possible snacks include: carrots & peanut butter dip, celery, cheese & crackers, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, rolled ham, salsa, trail mix, fresh fruit, etc.  It is very important that a variety of foods be offered to the children. Please take time to think about snack as an opportunity to introduce children to new and exciting foods from across the five different food groups: fruit, vegetables, proteins, dairy and grains. We like to offer foods from two different groups daily, so please include two food groups in your snack contribution.

3. Fundraising Expectations
The Fundraising Chairperson will work to coordinate fundraisers throughout the school year. The board sets a fundraising goal each year. This goal is part of our operating budget and is another measure to keep tuition low.

 Families are expected to take part in three fundraising events per school year. 

4. Cleaning Bees
Each family is required to attend at least one cleaning bee or playground work party.  During this time, we work hard to give the school and toys and extra thorough wipe down and disinfecting. Child care is provided during the event.

Cooperative Contract
Each family will be required to sign a cooperative contract with their enrollment forms. As a part of this contract you will have the opportunity to indicate which parent jobs you are interested in performing for the year. This contract is your opportunity to proactively buy-out of any cooperative responsibilities that will be a challenge for your family to meet.  In signing this contract you are also acknowledging that failure to fulfill any of the cooperative components will result in the buy-out fee for the missed option being automatically added to your family tuition bill. For example, if a family does not make a snack contribution in November, a $25 snack fee will be added to the December tuition bill.
Moriah Oldham,
Jul 11, 2019, 8:38 PM