West Bee Nursery School is governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of parents and community members. The Board is responsible for our mission, polices and the hiring of the Director to oversee and implement these polices. Board members meet once a month throughout the school year. Parents who are interested in becoming a part of our Board of Directors are encouraged to contact the Director for more information.

The 2018-2019 Board is made up of:
Vickie Barry 
        *Moriah Carney
   (*Non-voting Member)

    Vice President
Emily McLoughlin
Kris Lemire
Ashley Bouchard
    Fundraising Co-chair
Kris Lemire
Ashley Bouchard
    Church Representative
  Alan Brosz & Al Gerad
  Jeff Brewer & Cassie Freeze
    Party Planner/Field Trips & Events
Katie Lahey
*Diane Olson
*Jessica Corbeil
(*Non-voting Member)
    Community Representative
Jennifer Sawyer
**If you are interested please contact Moriah Carney 257 7155 or any board member