The West Branch Community School District has established this site to share information and forms with students and families.  Our school receives many requests from community organizations to distribute information to students and parents. All documents distributed to students/parents must receive administrative approval. This approval process can take multiple days so please plan the timing of your request accordingly.  It will be necessary for you to provide an electronic copy or link at the time of request.  All information will remain posted for approximately one month or until the information is not longer timely. 
  • Hoover Elementary - Secretary Connie Laughlin, claughlin@west-branch.k12.ia.us
  • West Branch Middle School - Secretary Ellen Gunderson, egunderson@west-branch.k12.ia.us
  • West Branch High School - Secretary Ruth Farmer, rfarmer@west-branch.k12.ia.us

Submission guidelines:
  1. The information should comply with the following:

·       Be consistent with the district's vision and mission.

·       Be related to school events or activities.

·       Provide information about a needed service to students and families (not solely promoting personal gain).

·       Avoid promotion of fund raising efforts for other organization.



2.      The information should accompany the electronic document or link in your email request:

·       Desired posting time frame

·       Building(s) you request to post with

·       Organization

·       Contact name & phone number  

West Branch Community Schools Board Policy 1004.03 - Sales Promotions Prohibited

Educational facilities, teachers and students shall not be used in any manner for the promotion or sale of services or products offered by agencies or organizations that operate for profit. The Board of Education specifically forbids the following:

- Distribution by students of pamphlets urging student, parents and others to purchase services or products sold for profit;
- Sale by students or teachers of products or services, except in relation to production by students as part of the program;

- Similar activities that would involve teachers\' and/or students\' time and interfere with the normal schedules and activities of the school.

Specifically exempted from the provisions of this policy shall be a student insurance program, senior pictures, class rings, tax, etc.

When the superintendent of schools feels that the educational gain outweighs any promotional purpose, prior approval for an activity may be granted by the Board.

Adoption Date: January 24, 1983
Review Date: May 11, 2010
Revision Date: May 11, 2010