These are random pictures of painting and sculptures I've done over many years.  I hope you enjoy them.  I enjoy doing the more realistic ones, but my favorites are the "Ochre" ones cone with thin toilet paper, white-glued onto the canvas before painting, sometimes randomly, sometimes with design. 

Some of the "Old Faces" Series


Lilla Moulden


 Mr. Brand





 Afghan Woman

Other People 


Young Louise 


 Woodcarving of Bob in the 70's


Photo of Jacque 2007

Self Portrait Telephone Photo 2005

Photo: Before It All Began

Photo: Afterwards

 Photo of Some Unfinished Face Paintings

Driftwood Frames

Odds & Ends and Thing I Like Doing

Canon West's Coat of Arms done with Exacto Knife in Pine


3 Sculptures, wood and ceramic 


Swan's Island Stereo & CD Cabinets from Lobster Crates

Unfired Head & Fired Egg Pot with Face Lid

Zebra Friends, 5' x  3' Triptic

First of series of 3 Resting Cowboy watercolors

Toilet Paper Paintings (most fun to do)

Scarves (draped on African Bust)

Jewelry (no pictures yet)