Some Friends & Family

Caroline, Mom, Me




Lotti--- before she became skinny! 

Me --- before I became fat!



Sandy and Lulie discussing the weather! 

 Sandy & Judy 2007

Mom, Me, Helene, Charlene 2007

 Isabelle 2007

The Dinner Club leaving for Stonington  

The Dinner Club arriving in Stonington

Wesley showing off in the new boat!

The Poker Club (Sandy just won, as usual!)

Russell and Margaret

Mauricio Fonda 1979 at Fountain Ave. Apt 

JuanCarlos & Cecelia

JuanCarlos & Cecelia

 Lourival & Monica

JuanCarlos, Monica & Kids


In New Orleans 2008 


Pedro & Tomas 2008


Pedro at museum in New York 

Juan Carlos in Chicago at Olympics


Epcot Center 2008


Paola, JuanCarlos and Lulu 2007 

JuanCarlos at Disney World 2008

Christmas 2007 at Sally's


Sally after stealing a tree! 


Yola & George flaunting the stolen tree! 


Yola Knitting




Missy & I

Missy & Morgan

Mom & Friends

Lunnette & Mom

Kent, Johnnie & Mom


Local 884 2007 Luncheon Meeting

Millie Sacks & Portia Adams


Dick Wicklund


Helen Merken

Polly Businger

Mike Carter & Portia


Nancy Pyne-Hapke & Marian Fife

Party Pictures

 Birthday party dressed in 70's outfit

Which one is Wesley?



JuanCarlos & Cecelia

Wesley & Cecelia

Isabelle dancing at Halloween party at L'Aliance