Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I compost?
If you have a kitchen in your housing unit you can compost. There are over 350 residential units at Wesleyan that can compost! These units are: Woodframes, Senior Fauver, Hi/Lo-rise, Apartments, Graduate Residences, and All Program Houses.

Q: Can I compost if I live in a residential hall?
We currently do not have a system in place for you to compost, however if your residential hall wants to compost we can help you do that. Please email and we can work with you to integrate your residential hall into your system!

Q: What do I need to compost?
You just need a 5-gallon bucket! If you do not have one, but would like to compost please email and we can provide you with a 5-gallon bucket and some basic information about how the composting system works.

Q: What can I compost?
Tea bags, coffee grounds, cereals, grains, breads, fruits, vegetables, peels, cores, and eggshells.
    Note: Please avoid composting overly processed grains and breads such as cooked pasta.

Q: What can't I compost?
Meat, dairy, oils, liquids, and non-organic items (plastic, metal, Styrofoam, etc.)

Q: Where is my compost container located?
See map on Wesleyan Student Composting

Q: But, I'm too lazy to compost!
A: Not true! Composting at Wesleyan is just as easy as taking out the trash! See presentation below on how to compost.

Google Presentation