Wesleyan Student Residential Composting

What is student residential composting?

Student residential composting is an initiative started in September 2010 by a group of students at Wesleyan. The program has grown to become part of Wesleyan's Sustainability efforts, and is currently headed by the student Composting Interns Zach Burns and DeNeile Cooper. The project presently enables all 350+ residential units with a kitchen to compost their food waste, and aims to extend to residential dormitories. Composting is currently available for the following: Senior Woodframes, Senior Fauver, Hi/Lo-Rise, graduate housing, all Program Houses, and select student dormitory halls (the Butterfields and WestCo).

Why Compost?

Globally, it is currently an all-too-common practice to throw food waste in the trash. The garbage is then trucked to the dump or waste site, where it is often disposed of in an environmentally-unfriendly way. Such improper disposal commonly releases toxic gasses into the atmosphere or allows waste to leak into the ground. In the long run, this can produce air, ground, and water pollution! By composting food waste, you not only decrease the total amount of waste and pollution worldwide, but create rich soil that will be used at Wesleyan's Long Lane Farm.

Composting at Wesleyan is as easy as taking out the trash! No need to take care of a compost pile, you only need to put your food waste in a conveniently located compost container! See our Frequently Asked Questions if you have further questions or want a step-by-step breakdown of how to compost.

How can I help out Wesleyan Student Composting?

If you have a kitchen at your residence then the easiest way to help out is to compost. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket.

If you would like to start composting, please email wesleyancompost@gmail.com. We love knowing students are composting, and broad and effective participation by the student body will further motivate us to continue extending the program throughout campus.

If you want to participate in the composting committee to help us manage the black composting bins on campus, send an email expressing interest to wesleyancompost@gmail.com. We can always use more help!!!!

Black Stars: Working Composting Machines
Red Stars: Broken or Planned Expansions (Will be working soon!)
(For a better resolution map, you can download it)

Compost Machine Locations:

1: Backyard between Warren St. and Fountain Ave.
2. Backyard of Fountain St. and Pine St. (next to wooden fence by Dance Studio) Broken: Please do not use
3. Outside of Hewitt (on the side of Hewitt facing Vine St.)
4. Next to the loading dock of Exley (near wear the falafel cart usually is)
5. Backyard between Brainard Ave. and Home Ave. (Behind 53 A/B Home)
6. Next to the Bayit (157 Church St.)
7. Outside of Hi/Lo-Rise Apartments
8. Next to Full/Writing House (202 Washington St.)
9. Backyard of Farm House (344 Washington St.)
10. Vine/Knowles 
11. Senior Fauver (between Senior Fauver and Bennett Hall, next to the Senior Fauver sign)
12. The Butterfields (against the wall of Butt A, facing the Butthole)


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