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You are on Team 7A:
Shaw (SS)
O'Connor (Math)
Zak (Science)
Meyer (ELA)

We expect our answers at Mountain Sky to follow the RACE format. 

4th quarter
Novel Study project
The project is due Friday, May 11th
Presentations are May 14th and May 15th

Parent signatures are due Friday, April 6th

The students have three choices:
    1. poster project
    2. power point
    3. Book to movie

All three choices have DETAILED rubrics on my student resources page. Your child has been assigned a book. They have weekly reading responsibilities as well. The information on the Novel Study itself as well as section notes are on my Student Resources page as well.Below is the chapter expectations per section for each novel. The students will have 3 dedicated periods per week to read in class: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

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