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 August 2015           

                                                                                                       What is a Reading Interventionist?
    My job is to teach small groups (3-5) of students in reading in grades second through sixth.  My objectives are to teach fluency and comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, sight words, and writing. We read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. I teach students how to read "big" words by breaking them into smaller parts (syllables) and looking for prefixes and suffixes that will help them understand the meaning of the words. We play word/sound games.We use white boards, magnetic letters, letter cubes, flashcards, and other "hands-on materials". My students enjoy practicing their reading skills and are excited when they realize how much they have learned! I work closely with the grade level teachers to reinforce what they are being taught in class.

How can parents help their child in reading? 
****Reading at home is very important to your child's success.Children are never too old to be read to. Also, start kids reading books early-at first give them books with only a few words. Gradually pick books that have a few more words that they can read by themselves. 
 Have students write down some of the words in the book and put them in sentences. We always write in complete sentences with correct spelling. punctuation and grammar. Students know they can check out books from the library that are their reading level.  I also have many books that are my own: Goosebumps, Magic Tree House, Judy Blume, and more that they are welcome to borrow!  
What can students do to help themselves read? 
 1. Do your homework! The practice at home will help you do your class work.
2. Read at home! Get a book you can read at the library or get a book from me to borrow.
3. Study and read with a friend or older brother or sister.
.4. If you have a computer there are some fun websites for kids that can help you with reading. Ask myself or your teacher for a list!
5. Pay attention in class. Listen carefully and you will learn a lot!!
 If you have any questions call 347-4300




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