Dear Parents and Students of Sunburst,
 Here in Sunburst Elementary Music Classes, students will be challenged to learn new things about music and how to listen to it. We will cover several different music genres and decades so that students receive a well-rounded and complete education on the history of music. We will also be using instruments for practical application of the theory of music. In 4th grade, students will start with applying music to instruments used in an orchestral setting. 4th Grade will begin their introduction into orchestral music with the violin and piano while still continuing their study in vocal music. 5th and 6th Grade students will start adding instruments from the brass and woodwinds families to their studies, and should be very excited to tell you exactly how that works!
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Any further information that you would like can be requested through email or phone. My email is, phone number is 602-896-7400. I look forward to this school year!
Mrs. Smith
General Music Teacher
Sunburst Elementary

    The goal in music class for Kindergarten is to have fun making music. We are learning how to match pitch, sing on our own or with a group, and write musical symbols. Through this year we will be introduced to rhythm instruments that will help us keep a steady beat. 

1st Grade-
    Music in 1st Grade looks very similar to Kindergarten in the capacity that we are still working with rhythm instruments and keeping a steady beat. We are working on matching pitch and keeping a melody in our head. In 1st grade we start to learn some of the words that are specific to music, that might have confused us in Kindergarten. A few of those words that you should be able to ask your 1st grader about are Steady Beat, Timbre, Call and Response, and Melody.

2nd Grade-
    At Sunburst, in 2nd grade we dive into quite a bit of vocabulary. We start to recognize a scale and how the notes fit together. We have introduced the solfege scale where students are understanding that there is a relationship between the notes. They are starting to read music and be able to recognize notes as they are seen rather than felt. 

3rd Grade-
    By 3rd grade, students are expected to use textbooks that hold the keys to reading music. We will be digging into the text where there are visual representations of all that music entails. We will spend the year getting used to seeing it on a page and understanding how the things we have learned in the past work in the music we see this year.

4th Grade- 
    As we continue reading and expanding our knowledge of the musical score in 4th grade, the terms become more difficult. Students will be able to recognize patterns and styles of music at this age as well.

5th Grade- 
    The goal of 5th grade is to understand the flow of music. We are now recognizing most of the parts of the music and are able to follow the flow of where the music goes according to the score. Our terms have again expanded and we will be doing more writing and reading about music.

6th Grade-
    During the final year of music at Sunburst we do almost all learning through verbal and written information. We use less instruments and gain more theoretical knowledge of music. This is where we dive into the history and possible future of music. 6th grade is also where students are allowed and encouraged to join Choir.