About Our Classroom

Assignments, Announcements, Extra Credit Opportunities, and Homework Help will all be available on Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Student Grade Books are available on the ParentVUE portal.


Class Procedures and Expectations

  • Effort
  • Attitude
  • Growth
  • Leadership
  • Encouragement
  • Success
Technology Off and Away!
No personal technology is permitted in the classroom.  See the Student Handbook for more information.

Class Materials (you must bring):
 - 3-Ring binders  - Tabs for Binders
 - Pencils  - Pen (not black)
 - Highlighter  

You will need a pencil and pen every day!
While not required, I recommend buying a scientific calculator.  We use the TI-30XIIS and TI-30Xa models in class.

Study Hours:
I am available before school at 8:30am on most Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Also on Wednesdays during lunch.  Any other times must be scheduled by the student with me.

Homework assignments are graded based on completion.  We will go over assignments in class.  it is the student's responsibility to correct their own work and ask questions.

Late work is accepted but a penalty will be applied.

Incomplete, missing, or rushed work will result in a phone call home to schedule a mandatory lunch session to redo the work.

Homework done in pen will not be accepted!

Teacher Wish List: (Supplies we constantly use and never have enough of)

 - Loose leafed lined paper  - Tissue
 - Hand sanitizer      - Glue sticks
 - Dry erase markers (black)  - Clorox wipes

Discipline Policy:
  1. A verbal request to change behavior will be made.
  2. A note home will be placed on their desk.  If the behavior improves before the end of the class period, the note will not be sent home.
  3. If the student continues the behavior, the note will be sent home.  This note requests a signature and the most convenient time to call.
  4. An office referral.
Steps may be accelerated depending on the severity of the incident.

Grading Policy:

A - 90-100% 
B - 80-89% 
C - 70-79% 
D - 60-69% 
F - Below 60% 
Assessments: 40%
Classwork: 50%
Homework: 10%
Remember you must practice in order to succeed in math.  Careless practice is harmful.
Practice makes permanent, not perfect!
Students must be responsible for their own learning.  Ask questions frequently as your success depends on it.