Welcome to Ms. Eveleth's Art Studio

I am so excited to start this school year 2017-2018 in my classroom at Sunnyslope.

In the Art studio, 

I am Teaching for Artistic 

Behaviors. Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) is a nationally recognized choice-based art education approach to teaching art. You can find more information about this philosophy by visiting their website. http://teachingforartisticbehavior.org/

 The process of creating art requires more questions than answers. Challenging students with open ended question that have many possible answers, engages their higher critical thinking skills that they will need for this 21st Century. 

When students come to the Art Studio, they make choices like real artist. They will be able to create their own project. 

They will

behave like real artist

take risks, make mistakes ,rework mistakes,

 explore media,

 playing, collaborate and share ideas

problem solving,

thinking divergentlyinnovate, reinvent,

 critique, develop a style, work in a series or not,

 respond to visual culture,

 connect with other disciplines, and more.

CHECK out the ideas in art from previous school years in my slide show below.
To bypass the slide show, hover over the lower right hand corner and click where it changes. To see some of your class's artwork, click on this link  https://picasaweb.google.com/home
 Slide show includes pictures from two Art shows and various student generated work. Additionally, students explored with imaginative play by making paper dolls or sock creatures and through their discovery with architecture by constructing a neighborhood out of paper.  

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