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Please be sure to check Parent Vue regularly in order to keep track of your child's grades.  In middle school, students will receive a letter grade in Art, unlike elementary school.  If you need help with Parent Vue, please call the office at 602-896-5400.  You may also email me and ask for an electronic copy of your child's progress report.  I do not send hard copies home unless requested.  This decision is in order to be both financially and environmentally friendly.

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Week of 8/28:
Complete Chalk Pastel Projects
Complete Self Grade Sheets
Complete Goal Sheets in Sketchbooks
Week of 8/21:
Begin Chalk Pastel Projects:
7th grade-Kandinsky abstract, 8th Grade-O'Keefe flowers
District Visual Arts Pre-Assessment
Finish all assignments on which you're behind, including:
Parent signature forms, Why Art? homework, Portfolio grade sheet, Goal sheet, sketchbook pages to page 4
Week of 8/14:
Continue to work on Portfolios to completion
Complete Goal sheets in sketchbooks
Week of 8/7:
Course Parent forms due
WHY ART? Homework due
Picture Day Friday

SEEKING DONATIONS of Romex electrical wire and blocks of wood.
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-Wonder Box
-Three Good Things

Don't make excuses, make things happen!

Disrespect the Impossible:
If you really set your mind to accomplish something, the possibilities are almost limitless!  Tenacity combined with teamwork is even better!

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