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If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to contact me. See the contact info. below.

Ms. Armstrong

7th & 8th Grade Language Arts

Google Level 1 Certified

About Me

Hello! My name is Ms. Armstrong and I am your child's Language Arts teacher. I am very excited for the upcoming school year. I am looking forward to meeting each one of you and getting to know your child.

I am originally from Memphis, TN and have been living in Phoenix since 1993. I am a graduate of Arizona State University. I began teaching in 2000 and taught in the Madison School District till 2014. I have a son, born in 2003, named Kee (means "little boy" in Navajo) and a daughter, born in 2007, named Dzani (means "woman" in Navajo). They are the love of my life.

Why do I teach?

I became a teacher because I love kids. I also remember what it was like being in middle school and how tough school could be. I want to make learning rewarding and fun for my students, all the while, having high standards and expectations.

I am a strict teacher and have high expectations. However, my expectations are never so high my students can't reach them. My work is easy, but there is a lot to do in order to comply with the Arizona state standards. If students don't pay attention and don't stay on top of their work, they could fall behind and their grades could suffer. There is an enormous amount of help in my class, so there should never be an excuse for not completing an assignment. I am here for my students, but I do expect them to meet me halfway.

Contact Information


Sweetwater teachers use the Remind app to communicate with parents.

See below for the code for you child's class.

Use the Remind app link to download the app.

When creating your profile, please include your full name. Do not use your email address, nicknames, your child’s name, etc.

NOTE: If you are not listed in Synergy as having educational rights, we are not allowed to communicate with you, per district policy and FERPA regulations.


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Web Page

Ms. Armstrong's Google Site


Students also have the ability to email teachers. The email is their school ID# Students should use Outlook and not Gmail.



Office Hours

Office Hours: Mon.-Fri.



Google Classroom

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Layers of Communication

In order to ensure that my parents are aware of assignments students are required to complete, I have several layers of communication in place.

Curriculum Night - During Curriculum Night, I give parents a brief overview of the homework, bell work, Remind, and reward system. A Google Slide Deck will be shown that explains the expectations in Language Arts, what the assignments are, and when they are due.

Student Agendas - I use stamps to stamp student's planners that indicate what the homework is, what assignments are due, when there is no school, etc.

Student Online Agenda- In addition to the student agendas, I also have information about the class posted on a Google Calendar. You can find the link above.

Remind - Remind is a an app I will use to send friendly reminders to parents for when weekly assignments are due and any other notifications parents might need.

Google Site - On my Google Site, I have an explanation of what the homework, WOW, and DOL is, including the DOL sentences and WOW words for the year. I also have an explanation of each unit that we will be covering, along with a link to the Arizona state standards.

ParentVue - Parents have the ability to view their child's grades online, anytime. Parents must go to the office and ask for their letter with their password. Letters will also be passed out during Curriculum Night.

Voicemail - I have for my voicemail recording, information that explains what the homework is and when weekly assignments are due.

Missing Work - If your child should not turn in a homework, WOW, or DOL assignment, the assignment will be included as missing on ParentVue.

Student Led Conferences - For conferences, we have student-led conferences where the student will show you their test scores, grades, what areas did they excel in, what areas do they need to improve in, and what goals they have chosen to improve.

Assignments posted on whiteboard - Assignments we are working on, what is due, the objective, assessment, directions, activity, question, and engagement strategies are all posted daily on the whiteboard for students to view.

Google Slide Deck - The objective, assessment, directions, activity, question, engagement strategies, and examples are all on the daily Google Slide Deck shown in class.

Google Classroom - All work, including due dates are posted in Google Classroom. Links are available in the Contact session and How to Access Google Classroom. We are completely paperless, so this is the place for students to access all of their work.