Welcome to Mrs. Dahl's Resource Webpage!

Remote Learning Expectations:

Google Meet: Please message me privately for the link to join. This information cannot be made public. Students should be the ones logging on and off, building their independence.

Mobymax: Depending on the requirements of the classroom teacher, students may be asked to use Mobymax for a required amount of minutes per day.

Google Classroom: Please message me privately for the class code. I load resources and announcements often. Please check Google Classroom, for all classes, daily.

Parents: I know we "mean well" when we get everything going and find assignments for them- but we can be hindering their learning at the same time. Don't add more stress to it all. Try to be patient and make sure you praise them for their hard work. Thank you for all you do!

Careful How You Measure Success — Your Better Life

It's called "RESOURCE" because I am your personal school resource. Don't be afraid to "use" me! ;)


The best method to get a hold of me is through the Remind app

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My e-mail is sonya.dahlberg@wesdschools.org

We are a Leader In Me Lighthouse School

People often ask me what’s different about a Leader in Me School. I tell them that there are basically six things you’ll notice if you visit a Leader in Me School that you won’t typically see elsewhere:

• A common language

• Leadership roles

• Leadership Notebooks

• A leadership environment

• Student-Led Conferences

• Leadership Events

I can reach my goals. I can improve with practice. I will do my best. I will find a way to figure this out. I will ask for help.

I can. I will.