Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

I have done so much work this summer preparing for your students and I am so excited to tackle my eleventh year teaching middle grades mathematics.

Fascinating things I have been researching this summer have prompted me to renew my focus on those skills that employers appreciate the most. Highest on the list in order from greatest: Communication Skills, Analytical Thinking, Work Collaboratively, Strategic Thinking, Leadership Skills, and Creative Problem Solving are the top six. (2016 Job Skills Report, Bloomberg)

The biggest concerns I have from students adapting to the culture within my classroom are:
1. "Why do I have to explain my thinking if I got the right answer?" 
        Clear communication is the most important skill to have to be successful.
2. "Why do I need to show my work in multiple representations? Isn't one way enough?"
        Analyzing various methods and seeing the connections will help you be a creative, strategic         thinker.
3. "Why won't you just tell me the answer/how to do it?"
        In real life, there are no answer keys and Google can only do so much.

I am looking forward to working with your students this year. 

While this site itself does not change frequently, the Google calendar is updated weekly.

Please contact me in case you need any clarification on anything on this site or anything your student has mentioned.

I am happy to be of assistance.

I am currently offering tutoring on Tuesdays during lunch and Wednesdays in the morning during Club Zero (7:30 - 8:30 AM).

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