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        The RaiNbOw...Circles, square, rectangles, triangles and Ovals...OH MY!!! The kindergarteners will be extremely busy this year learning all about colors and shapes.


First Grade-

The first graders will spend some time learning shapes, colors and patterns throughout the year. Bringing patterns into the student's artwork is the best way to teach them math and reinforce lessons being taught to them in their classrooms.


Second Grade-

        The students in second grade will have something exciting to look forward to this year because they will get their first experience with clay in the art room. They will also have a chance to experiment with oil pastels, watercolor paint and much more.  


 Third Grade-

        The students in third grade will continue expanding their knowledge of art in many ways this year. by creating realistic landscapes, still life drawings and much more. They will experiment with many types of art media throughout the year.

Fourth Grade- 

Fourth grade students are now considered intermediate students and with as they get older, their artwork will become more intense. Fourth graders will get to use compasses, they will experiment with pointillism, and they will use their math knowledge on multiple projects throughout the year. Reinforcing what they have learned in the classroom is the best way for your students to learn.

Fifth Grade-

The students in fifth grade will greatly expand their art knowledge by learning about every Element of Art. They will do this by, creating one project that covers each and every element. The fifth graders will use a variety of art media throughout the year.


Sixth Grade-

        The Sixth graders will review the Elements of Art throughout the year so they will be extremely ready for art in junior high. The sixth graders will use a variety of media throughout the year. They will also complete an artist research project in the Spring.