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        The kindergartners have already learned about shapes and colors. Currently, we are finishing up our color wheel flowers where the students had a chance to mix primary colors to create new secondary colors.


First Grade-

The first graders have been busy learning about shape, line and color this year. Currently, they are making three dimensional fish. They are coloring their fish carefully, so the same colors do not touch. 


Second Grade-

        The students in second grade have been busy learning about landscapes. Their desert landscape artwork focused on the horizon line, depth, foreground, middle ground and background. They uses pencil, crayons and water color paints.


 Third Grade-

        The students in third grade have been experimenting with different types of media, including clay. Currently, they are learning about the famous artist, Wayne Thiebaud. They are creating "food art" and are using crayons, colored pencils, markers, and drawing pencil. 

Fourth Grade- 

The fourth graders have created landscapes, drawn concentric circles with compasses, and are currently creating clay fish. They will sculpt the fish with their hands and with modeling tools. When it has been fired in the kiln, they will be able to glaze it with the color of their choice.

Fifth Grade-

The students in fifth grade have greatly expanded their art knowledge by learning about the elements of art. They did this by, creating projects that cover each and every element. The fifth graders are currently learning about the famous artist, Keith Haring.


Sixth Grade-

        The Sixth graders have reviewed the elements of art throughout the year so they will be ready for art in junior high. The sixth graders have made tints and shades by mixing colors. They made tessellations from scratch, and will be making a clay mask. Currently, they are making symmetrical paper roll masks, which will be finished with tempera paint, glitter and feathers.