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2. After watching the video, use this link to define Commensalism, Mutualism and Parasitism:

3. At the bottom of page 28 in your notebook, look at the examples of each type of Symbiosis. Google the examples to explain the relationship between the animals.

4. On page 27 of your notebook, google 6 more symbiotic relationships (two of each kind). These cannot be the ones you already used! :)

Hibernation and Migration Webquest


Link # 1: 

Link # 2: 


The Solve: 

The Answer: 

Copy the following vocabulary words (term and actual definition)  into your Vocabulary sheet on Page 10 of your ISN. Make sure to complete your own definition and an example or picture)  

Adaptations​: a change in an organism’s traits based on the traits’ ability to help the organism survive and/or reproduce in its environment 
Camouflage​: a trait that allows an organism to blend into its environment

Environment​: the surroundings in which an organism lives

Generation​: all of the immediate offspring from one set of parents
Predator​: an animal that naturally preys on others
Population​: all the organisms in the same group of organisms 

Trait​: a characteristic or feature of an organism

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