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1. Save those Happy Grams, after 20    they can be returned for a prize.
2. Check and sign your child's    homework.
3. Clean out their take home folder nightly.

1. Clock letters (a,c,d,f,g,o,q,s) start at "2 on the clock and go up and around the clock counterclockwise..

2. Line letters never start at the baseline. They start at the top line for tall letters and at the midpoint (half-way between top line and baseline) for short letters, and go down to the baseline.

Homework Assignments

1. Monday "Tree"--positional words Reading 5 min.  
2. Tuesday Handwriting: a, c, d, f 2x each Reading 5min 
3. Wednesday Math- "Bouncy Balloons" number order Phonograms 1-26 
4. Thursday Handwriting: g, o, s, qu 2x each Reading 5min. 
5. Friday no homework  
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