"Monster Monthly Curriculum"

March 2019   
Math:  We will finish up Unit 7-Multiplying/Dividing Fractions, and start reviewing 
               for AZ Merit.
Reading:  We will start reviewing for AZ Merit.
Language:  Students are writing a research paper on a Natural Disaster, and completing a Power Point to present in class.  We will begin reviewing some grammar, and the writing process.
Social Studies:   We will begin our unit on Westward Expansion/Oregon Trail.

Science:  Students will resume Science in late March with Matter, Energy, and Simple
Classroom Supplies:
(The following are the suggested items students will need at the beginning of the year)

*Pocket folders (5)
*Single Subject Spiral Notebooks (4)
*Sticky Notes
*highlighters-1 each-pink,green,yellow
*red pens (2)
*sharpie pens-fine point (2)
*whiteboard markers (1 set-optional)
*mini whiteboard marker eraser (optional)
*set of color markers
*glue stick
*box of tissue (4)
*ruled, loose leaf paper (2 pks.)
*glitter glue set

Classroom Donations:
*clorox wipes (2)                  *plastic zip lock bags
*hand sanitizer(1)                  (all sizes)
*large jugs of pretzels
*other healthy snacks
*juice drinks
*boxes of tissue (mid-year)
*Dollar store gifts for our treasure chest