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My name is Clara Amaro, and I will be your child’s resource teacher this school year. I went to ASU for a degree in both regular and special education, and I am beginning my third year of teaching.  I am also a proud parent of two children; therefore, I understand the importance of getting to know your child’s teacher and the classroom expectations to support their academic success!


My goal is to provide a positive, structured, and fun learning environment, where students receive the specialized instruction they need to be successful in school.  Your child will attend my class for reading, writing, and/or math.  While in my classroom, it is important to me that your child feels welcomed and part of a learning community.  That each child “Respects each other’s personal space and use(s) your (their own) words.


Please know that I am here to support you and your child’s education.  I am able to speak with you before or after school hours.  You may contact me at my direct number listed.  I look forward to getting to know you, and especially your child this school year!


Mi meta es tener una clase positiva, organizada y divertida donde los estudiantes reciban la educación especial que ocupan para tener éxito en la escuela.  Su niño(a) estará en mi clase para los temas de lectura, escritura  y/o matemáticas.  Estando en mi clase, es importante que su niño se sienta bienvenido y parte de una comunidad de aprendizaje.  Que cada niño, “Respete el espacio personal de cada quien y que use sus palabras.”


Por favor recuerde que estoy aquí para su apoyo y  la educación de su niño(a).  Se puede comunicar conmigo antes y después de las horas de escuela.  ¡Me da gusto en tener la oportunidad de trabajar con usted y especialmente con su hijo este año!



In resource, our time is limited; therefore, students need to get a drink and/or use the restroom before or after class. I will only allow students to use the restroom for emergencies ONLY.

Communication is highly important. You can contact me before or after school hours. During school hours, I am focused and engaged in teaching your child; for that reason, I may not answer the phone.  Please leave a detailed message and I will contact you within 24 hours. In urgent situations, please contact the front office and they will contact me.

I strongly encourage students to bring the following:

·         Water bottle (sealed and stored in a safe area to prevent spills. I will designate a spot for them)

·         Light Sweater (with your child’s name written on the tag)

As a reminder, please keeps toys and special items at home. It is a major distraction and extremely unfortunate if the items are lost.


In resource, we will continuously use the “STAR” rules.  These rules are the essential guidelines to ensure that all students are on task and working together, while also respecting each other’s personal space.  We all learn differently; therefore, it is very important that we follow these rules for everyone’s success.  I strongly encourage that you remind you child to follow these rules.

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