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  • February News
    I will post information on my website every month for events that are happening in that month, or at the beginning of the following month. Things may change due to unforeseen events in the month, so please make sure you read my weekly homework packet for any changes or additional information. You can visit Ms. Gage's Page to read about her news, too!

    January Highlights
    Our field trip to the Phoenix Symphony

    Class "Blog"
    This section is written completely by students. There may be typos and other mistakes, and I am choosing not to correct these mistakes. This is a snapshot of what 2nd graders are able to do using technology, and proper English conventions at this point in the school year. 

    hi my name is lillielani and i am writeing about january what we did we did fun stuff and we did reading and that was fan.

    Hi! I'm Hannah. In class,we celebrated my Birthday! And at school,we did lots of fun in January! Like holiday parties and Open Door Club. I love school!

    hi my name is manuel and in january we did is played games and do math read books and played with my friends and played tag and hide and seek and bastet ball.

    Math Focus Points: 
    • · Strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems 
    • · Three digit addition with and without regrouping (carrying) 
    • · Three digit subtraction with and without regrouping (borrowing) 
    • · Recognizing coins and their values 
    • · Telling time to the quarter hour 
    • · Repeating Patterns 
    Subtraction video tutorial coming soon!

    Reading Focus Points: 

    • ·Identifying the main idea and details in a story
    • ·Identify the plot in a story
    • ·Read fluently in a way that sounds like natural speech. Goal: 72 words a minute by the end of the month. 

    Phonics Patterns 
    By the end of the month the goal is to be able to read, write, and spell words with the following patterns: 
    • R-controlled vowel /ir/ with the pattern ear or eer. Examples of words include clear and cheer. 
    • Vowel diphthongs” that say /ow/ ow, ou. Examples of words are outside and powerful. 
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Homework Assignments

Fluency Practice Fluency Practice 
Literacy Worksheet Literacy Worksheet 
Math worksheet Math worksheet 
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