Welcome to Mrs. Munck's Lions Science 

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Class Announcements
  • Grade slips will be going home January 23rd. Please be looking for them from your son/daughter.
  • Grades and assignments descriptions are available  on the ParentVUE website
  • Reminder: Retakes on quizzes will be offered at lunch on Wednesdays throughout the remainder of the school year. The highest of the two scores is the grade you keep. 
  • Be prepared to work hard as we get ready for success on AIMS!


Homework/ Classwork
  • We are continuing to work on concepts in Geology and Earths processes 
  • 15 Student generated Geology Quizzes   Due January 8th 
  • Attack the Text : Introduction to Plate Tectonics Due January 15th
  • Questions on plate boundaries            Due January 15th
  • Quiz January 17th on Geology (including types of heat transfer, layers of Earth, boundary types and how they move, and the Theory of Continental Drift)
  •  Mapping Volcanoes and Earthquakes Due January 27th