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  • Important Reminders:

  • Order books to read at home - GXK3M Check out the Class Books on this site to see a few books we are reading that you can order at home!  Scholastic Books help build our class library!  Scholastic ...
    Posted Sep 20, 2015, 9:34 AM by Angela Gendvilas
  • WELCOME BACK! FIRST DAY, 8/10/15 AM CLASS:  7:30-10:00 (4 and 5 years old)PM CLASS:  11:00-1:30 (3 and 4 years old)
    Posted Sep 20, 2015, 10:38 AM by Angela Gendvilas
  • BACK TO SCHOOL We will be reading all about school!  We will talk about emotions (happy, sad, scared and mad) and how we felt about coming to school.  Learning how to do things ...
    Posted Sep 20, 2015, 10:39 AM by Angela Gendvilas
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  • September - Animals and their sounds, colors and where they live

    One of our stories "I Went Walking", has a repeated phrase - "I see a _____ looking at me.", that your child has been practicing throughout the day.  We ask, "what do you see?" and they need to use a full sentence to answer us.  Some of the animals and the colors are shown above in the picture, giving us a chance to extend vocabulary with color words as well.  We say, "Black cat" not just "cat", for example.
    We will be finishing September with "Let's Go Visiting", by the same author.  This story has the same little boy visiting a farm and seeing the baby for all of these same animals we are already familiar with.  Here are some of the vocabulary words we will learn:
    Baby horse is a "foal", baby cat is a "kitten", baby cow is a "calf", baby duck is a "duckling", baby pig is a "piglet" and a baby human is a "baby"!  Fun Fun

    Posted Sep 20, 2015, 10:34 AM by Angela Gendvilas
  • August - Back to school
    How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? from Scholastic Books ALSO CHECK OUT THE SPANISH VERSION

    Be sure to use the classroom code GXK3M when you order!!

    How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?

    What would you do if a very large DINOSAUR stomped into your classroom? And what if the student sitting next to you was a DINOSAUR-who decided to jump on top of your desk? Come along and join the fun as dinosaurs ride the bus, read their favorite books, and have fun on the playground with all their friends. Going to school has never been so much fun!

    We learn about the rules at school by reading about the dinosaurs doing things all wrong!  Then they learn the rules and and are good dinosaurs at school!  
    Posted Aug 15, 2014, 12:16 PM by Angela Gendvilas
  • August
      Order one to read at home from Scholastic Books!  Be sure you use GXK3M as teacher code to give our classroom the credit!  
    What is this book about?  
    Chester Raccoon is feeling sad—he's not ready for his first day of school. He'd rather stay home and play with his toys or spend time with his friends. Most of all, Chester doesn't want to leave his mom.

    Mother Raccoon reminds Chester that sometimes little raccoons have to do things they'd rather not do, and she promises him that school won't seem strange and scary for long. Finally, she shares a special secret with Chester—a secret her mom shared with her—about feeling warm and cozy while they're apart. What could it be?

    Posted Aug 6, 2014, 11:13 PM by Angela Gendvilas
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A peek inside our room

Art This is a busy area with coloring, painting, cutting and gluing. We are creating fun animals with our hand prints, using playdough to create and using different brushes to paint with. 
Dramatic Play Center Housekeeping with kitchen and dress-up clothes. Right now we have a "Pizzaria", complete with wood and plastic pizza's and all the ingredients to put on top! Our chefs create fun, unique pizza's and set the table for all to enjoy! (pretending to eat, of course!") 
Fine Motor center This center is inside AND outside to give everyone the choice of using their fine motor skills in every part of our day. Tracing, color pages, abc stamps, markers, hole punch, scissors, glue, stickers, colored paper, and chalk. We also give fine motor opportunities in other areas, using tongs to pick up cotton balls, tweezers to pick up rice or using small beads to make a bracelet. 
Floor play Blocks, cars, bus, fire trucks, with people figures. Our Barn with farm animals and Floor puzzles, dinosaurs and legos are also in this area. 
Gross Motor crawling through tunnels, pulling wagons, bike riding, climbing on play equpment, walking on balance beam, digging in sand, playing with hoola hoops, bouncing balls, playing basketball, baseball and kickball. 
Large Group Activity Learning letters and their sounds, counting, colors, shapes and "in"/"out". We will sing songs: Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hello-Hello, Opposites, Big Fun and other fun tunes!  
Literacy Center books about: School, Family,Animals, and Farms. We always include ABC, Color and Number books! 
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